October 4, 2022

Ten years is enough time for technology to evolve so much that we can no longer remember what it was like to live without it.

Basic things in our daily lives are easier to do with simple touches on cell phones.

Did you notice what has changed?

Do you remember what it was like to live without the internet, smartphones, and applications?

If not, we have gathered six facts to refresh your memory and show how technology has changed our reality in the last decade.

Check it out!

We spend more time connected to the internet 

10 years ago, the internet was not an entertainment center like today, but a tool to use at work or to study.

They navigated as little as possible to get what was needed.

Nowadays, with free and public Wi-Fi data plans and networks,

It is possible to stay connected all day, whether working, studying, or just browsing websites: shopping, watching movies and videos, or contacting friends and family.

You can do anything in the online world!

We don’t even know how to live anymore if we’re not connected or with a cell phone signal, do we?

We watch more movies at home 

We are living in the era of streaming movies and series, as with Netflix and HBO Go, paid platforms that have a varied catalog with productions of various genres and different years.

On TV and streaming, we see most of the innovation in audiovisual media.

10 years ago we had to go to the cinema to see the releases or at the tape or DVD rental stores to watch the desired films.

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Nowadays, productions are available online or in programs to download.

Some services offer movies for a “virtual rental” price.

It is possible to rent a movie without risking no more copies of what you wanted to watch.

We listen to music without downloading 

Nowadays, with programs like Spotify, Deezer, or even on YouTube, we can listen to music, create playlists, and discover new artists simply and quickly.

We can use these platforms on computers or as applications on smartphones.

There is no longer that job of searching for music on unreliable platforms, nor waiting a long time to download or leave the house to buy the CD, nor having the risk of downloading viruses on the machines.

Each download was a surprise.

Everyone has a smartphone

In 2009, smartphones were no longer just ideas.

The landline phone was still more used, there were pay phones on the streets, and the cell phone was still something of a luxury, without anything smart compared to current devices.

With the launches of Apple and Samsung,

Smartphones became a survival tool to work and perform simple daily tasks, such as organizing lists, taking notes, using GPS, ordering food, and transportation…

Cell phones are for everything;

We hardly make any more calls because we communicate via messages and other types of interactions through social networks.

We even have an application for each network.

What changed with smartphones was the fact that we don’t have to go out with a camera or even have one.

The smartphones’ cameras are of high quality and are with us wherever we go, so we don’t risk missing a special moment in photo or video.

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Also, smartphones now allow you to save photos in the cloud and share on social networks quickly.

We order food, transport and buy through apps 

As we said in the topic above, nowadays we order food and do grocery shopping through apps, even more, because we always have less time to do the things that are basic for life.

Thus, we do not take queues and do not waste time cooking, as everything is ready for us.

In addition to food, we buy numerous items online, so many stores have had to adapt to websites.

Online stores have reduced costs and increased customers by offering more variety and lower prices.

Another habit that we acquired quickly was to use transport by application, such as Uber and 99.

With more affordable prices than taxis and offering more comfort than public transport, today they are common applications on smartphones.

And everything facilitates the use of these transports: people no longer invest in cars because of the high cost and the fact that cities are saturated with vehicles.

And it’s easy for the driver to know the way to his destination using GPS apps, like Waze.

We no longer carry books 

Anyone who loves to read and always carries books everywhere thanks to the technology for making it easier to read.

It is not necessary to carry bulkier and significant books in the bags, as it is possible to buy a Kindle or other e-book readers.

…which are like exclusive tablets to access books and take up less space and weigh less than a book.

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200 pages.

Have you remembered some things that have changed and noticed how they are present in your life?

It is incredible to think that in a decade, so much has changed!

Now, wait and see what will happen in the next 10 years!

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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