October 3, 2022

This is a post on the history and evolution of digital media: Let’s get started.

The vinyl record was invented more than 60 years ago, and today it is almost impossible to think of an object so big to listen to music.

The evolution of technology has reduced the size of these devices. 

And the quality of what we receive is getting better.

Today PCMOMENT will show the evolution of digital media for you to remember and even miss rewinding the cassette tape!

From a letter to the email

In 4,000 BC, Egypt already had an organized system for sending letters.

In Brazil, the exchange of letters came into existence as soon as Pedro Álvares Cabral’s squad arrived there.

But have you ever imagined how much faster and simpler communication is using email?

Today email is used to send school papers, exchange files, and several other functions that would be impossible if we still used only paper.

From floppy to the cloud

The floppy disk, invented in 1971, came to facilitate digital storage.

Even though they were beneficial, their capacity did not reach more than a few kilobytes.

After that, CD-ROMs became popular but were soon replaced by flash drives.

Today we have cloud storage, an online platform that contains your saved files!

They do not occupy the memory of your computer, and the sites that offer these spaces accept up to terabytes.

Now there is no more excuse to forget the thumb drive at home!

From CD to Streaming

CD is short for compact discs.

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When it first appeared, vinyl records were somewhat overlooked because of their size and because you could burn your music onto CDs on your computer.

These days, most people no longer use physical media to listen to music.

Through the smartphone, tablet, or computer, we can access the online streaming services that offer us any song that exists in the world!

There is no need for memory on the computer, just choose what you want and listen.

From tapes to online movies

Being able to watch videos at home was a massive revolution.

The invention of the VHS tape changed the lifestyle of many people because it was no longer necessary to go to the cinema to enjoy a movie.

All you had to do was buy or rent a tape!

From that, the DVDs showed better quality, and the movie-enthusiasts started going to the video store to rent this type of film.

The images reached a very high definition when Blu-ray appeared, which are DVDs with content recorded in blue-violet laser.

But another way was soon created that no longer required leaving the house to rent a movie.

Online content, most of which is affordable, offers us an immense library of films that do not take up any space on the shelf.

Just connect to the internet on your television or computer, click on your chosen movie and step into the fun!

With the devices getting smaller and smaller and more incredible, what comes up in the future will look like science fiction!

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