October 4, 2022
Have you read the story of the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world

Hamako Mori is at least 90 years old, she loves to play video games and leaves it all registered on his YouTube channel. As a result, the Japanese won the oldest games YouTuber title in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Thus, she is better known on the internet as ‘Gamer Grandma’ (“Granny Gamer”, in free translation).

Since 2015, the gamer grandma has posted between three and four videos per month on her channel. However, contrary to what many imagine, she does not only play retro games. Instead, ‘GTA V’, the remake of ‘Resident Evil 3’ and ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ is among his favourite games.

video games is not just for children to play

According to the Guinness website, Hamako became interested in games in 1981, when he was 51 years old. This happened after seeing some children playing. “It looked so fun, and I thought it was not fair just for kids to play,” says grandma gamer. “I thought life would be more fun if I knew how to play. So I started playing, so far nobody was watching,” added Hamako.

According to Hamako, his first console was a ‘Cassete Vision’, a video game that was only released in Japan. Launching in the early 1980s, the ‘Cassete Vision’ was equivalent to the Atari 2600. However, since then, YouTuber has gone through several generations of video games. With that, she still keeps a good part of the games in a collection of envy. “Do I value them ?? because it brings back memories,” says Hamako.

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Currently, Hamako spends most of his time playing on PlayStation 4. Thus, this is the console that most appears on his channel. To be an idea, Hamako confesses to spending seven to eight hours a day in front of the video game. Among the games most played by grandma are ‘GTA V’ and ‘Dauntless’, an action RPG distributed by Epic Games. “I hadn’t played until recently because it was difficult to play. But newer action games are visually spectacular and even use actors as characters. So I’m obsessed with that now,” said Hamako.

Hamako compete with other YouTubers gamers

Even though finds action games difficult, she is already fascinated by the genre. According to her, the YouTube channel introduced her to new types of games. So what ultimately matters is the fun she gets from playing. “After living for so long, I feel, more than ever, that playing video games for all that time was the right choice,” says Hamako.

After recognition by Guinness, the channel ‘Gamer Grandma’ increased its popularity and already has more than 250 thousand subscribers. With that, Hamako posted a super cute video thanking everyone. “I get a lot of comments telling me not to try too hard. Everyone is so kind. People’s comment says a lot about what I do and makes me want to make more videos. I’m looking forward to everyone’s comments,” said Hamako. “Many say that watching my videos gives them hope for the future. I feel so happy. That’s why I want to make many, many videos. This is my dream”, completes the YouTuber.

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