October 4, 2022

A friend of mine asked me how to get free tokens on prankdial app last week, So I thought most people would like to ask such question as well.
Most of us like making pranks, I bet you are among. I do feel upset whenever I am on the receiving end of it though.
Prankdial makes it even more easy to make a prank on someone so have the person’s phone number. Prankdial gives a free token that you use to make the call, but there is a limit to this token.
Which makes me want to ask you how you would feel if you know a way to get free unlimited tokens on prankdial app.
Don’t look too far, I have got you covered. You will learn how several people have been getting this token without any problem on this page.
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Benefits Of A Prank
Beofore we get to the main content, I would like to share with you some of the benefits I found in pranking.
Even if you don’t know, I am telling you now that there some nice benefits in pranking.

  • It makes you Laugh

Laughing can be a good medicine to cure that bad mood you are in. scientifically, doctors have found that laughter helps the immune system.
You know the immune system right? That part of your body that helps you fight deceases.

  • Boost The Relationship

The bond between you and the receiver of the prank will surely not be the same after the prank. This is a known fact among prank-ers like me.
Because there is something special about it.
I think that is all for now, let go to the main point.
Watch the prank below to improve your immune system.

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First Step In Getting Free Token On Prankdial App
I would like you to open a browser on your phone. Switch to private mode. Google chrome is suitable for this.
Then visit Prankdial.com
The private mode in your browser will keep your info from prankdial website so the site will not recognize you no matter how many times you visit it.
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Second Step
Prankdial will give you some tokens for visiting the site for the first time.
Use up all the tokens, call my number if you don’t know anyone to call.
Now that you have finished your first token, close the window and the browser and reopen it in private mode same as the first time.
Just like I have said above, prankdial will not know that you have visited earlier and it will give you another free token.
You can open and re-open as many times as you wish.
This is a very cool thing for all prank-ers like me. You can take this to another level if you have more than one phone.
Just do the same thing on each phone and prank the hell out your friends.
Sorry, it isn’t 20 ways. It is a way that you can do in 20, 40 even 100 times.
just be creative and have fun while doing it.

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