September 25, 2022
Eddie Bravo Net Worth

Eddie Bravo Net Worth, Wife, Height and Age.

Before we start today’s discussion, we would like to give a preface On what Martial arts really is.

Martial Arts is seen as a gathering of fighting movements known to have self control with high consecration.

When ever you hear the name Eddie Bravo, you see a picture of one whose name can’t be scrapped out in the list of Martial artists.

In fact, he is well known to have invented his own style called Jiu-jitsu style.

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Eddie Bravo’s Biography


His birth name is Edgar Canobo birthed on 15th of May, 1970 in Santa Ana, California.

Though, his parents names are still unknown but they are native of Mexico.

Bravo‘ is the name of his stepfather and that is the name he uses now.

At his tender age, he was much interested in sport wrestling and football in particular and music also.

It is also being rumoured that he can play Drum and guitar.

At the age of 21, he had plans to go into Hollywood.

At the time he was in Hollywood, the first thing that came to his mind was to establish a brand called Blackened Kill Symphony.

He was well informed of the benefits and height he would get to when he succeeded in the entertainment industry.

This gingered him to sign up at a gym which he eventually later abandon.

In the year 1994, when he was watching UFC fight, he was amazed to have seen Royce Gracie’s (Retired Martial Arts) victory against his opponent; it was at that very point he decided to go into Martial arts.

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Jean Jacques Machado was Eddie Brock’s first teacher and he belongs to the iconic Machado family.

Eddie took the Martina arts really serious and he even gave his best for his training in order to master the art of jiu-jitsu in the year 1998 and after that he earned the blue belt the following year.

That same year, rubber guard was created by Eddie Bravo which is still up till now highly recognizable and has given him lots of victories.

Eddie participated in his first tournament in the year 2003.

The tournament he participated in was Abu-Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC). At the time of this combat, he has just brown belt.

He came out victorious in the American Trails and later proceeded to the quarter-final where he battled Royler Gracie.

He won the fight again Royler Gracie and that Alone skyrocketed his career and advanced his reputation internationally in the Martial Arts industry.

In the year 2014, Eddie Bravo relaxed and retired from doing Martial Arts and proceeded to creating a tournament called Eddie Bravo Invitational.

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He is the owner and founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu School located in Los Angeles and in addition, he presently jiu-jitsu has also won him a Black-belt.

His 10th Planet school in which he use in teaching jiu-jitsu are not conventional; it is known that this new styles is attached to Judo, Kodokan, freestyle Wrestling and Submission.

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The school’s center of attraction is the Martial arts in which they do without involving the traditional gi uniform.

During the martial arts training, the gi is being worn but would not be worn during the competitions.

According to Eddie, it is not really cool if you train with gi and fight without one.

To him, it is not interesting because it affect they ways which Martial arts fight.

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Eddie Bravo Net Worth, Wife,Height and age

Now, let use talk about Eddie Bravo Net worth, Wife, height and age.

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Eddie Bravo Net Worth?

Eddie Bravo Net Worth is estimated to be $1.5million.

Truly, going into Martial arts seems to be lucrative that brings in paycheck frequently.

This could be seen in the case of Eddie Bravo who has been in the Martial arts practice for over 20 years now.

His career is noteworthy and he has bagged in lots of awards plus his school creation.

He has made quite a fortune for himself.

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Eddie Bravo Wife and Children

In March 2012, he got married to his loving wife Lux Kassidy who was his longtime girlfriend.

Lux Kassidy is a porn actress in the entertainment industry and also she is into erotic modeling.

The happy couples birthed a son named Draco Lee.

They are happy living together as a couple.

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Eddie Bravo Height and Other Facts

No doubt, it is a plus for a martial artist to have a wonderful height.

Eddie Bravo’s height is 1.75 meters which is 5 Feet and 9 inches tall.

His weight is 75kg and he has been working tiredly to to keep fit with his martial arts.

Some Facts You should know about Eddie Bravo.

  • Said being a martial artist, he is also into comedy (stand up comedy).  He is also a occasional guest  on a podcast named The Joe Rogan Experience which is being organize by his fellow comedian Joe Rogan and also a Martial artist.
  • The Martial artist star has many Monikers but the most famous one is Twitter or Edgy Brah

Eddie Bravo Age

Eddie Brag was born on 15th May, 1970 so presently, he is 49 years old.

Eddie Bravo’s Quotes

Below are some of Eddie Bravo’s Quotes you may Love
“The only guys that make it through are the guys that make it through are the guys that have a complete control of their ego where they tap out in the beginning, all the time, you’re always losing in the beginning… Your ego can get bruised if you don’t have control of it. So what ends up happens is Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate douchebag filter.”
My Jiu-Jitsu is very MMA focused. I was not the best striker, and when I considered becoming a MMA fighter I just focused to improve my BJJ.
A lot of times I’ll show someone a technique I got really good with, but I didn’t put all the hours in. I didn’t do the research and development. I didn’t take it to the next level.
Eddie Bravo Net Worth 2020

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