October 7, 2022

You are reading the post that gives the real answer to the question: do ostriches bury their heads in the sand?

You are in the right place because this is the exact information that I got after doing a series of research.

Let’s dive right into it…

Do Ostriches Bury Their Heads In The Sand

Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand. What makes it seem like that is the color of Ostrich’s neck and head.

When the animal thinks that there is danger around, it will go down on the ground and rest its head and neck on the ground.

Someone seeing the animal from a distance will think that the head is in the ground.

This type of behavior is common in animals. Look at the cobra for example.

If a cobra senses danger, it will raise its head and make it wide and try to attack.

Matured ostriches too attack. A matured ostrich has a powerful kick that can kill a strong animal like a lion.

I will give you more interesting info on that part shortly.

Another reason why the ostrich’s neck can be in the ground is when the animal is digging to place its eggs in there.

Ostriches Live In Group

Ostriches like to live among themselves.

A common trait in most animals. We human too like that behavior.

When was the last time you find so many individuals living in the forest?

We prefer to stay among ourselves. This is similar in ostriches too. You will see them in a group of 10 or more.

In some cases, you can find them more than 10 in a group. And at times you will only see a family of ostrich, the male, and the female.

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This behavior helps them to sense danger quickly. When in a group and danger is near, one of the members of the group will be quick to see the danger and tell the rest.

Another tactic that ostriches use is this…

They assign one of them as a guard. This is one of the causes that make them react to danger even if it is still from afar.

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Flightless Bird

The Almighty God gives some of His creatures a part in their body that we will think should be doing one thing, but the Almighty has a different plan for that part.

A good example is the wings of the ostrich.

We’ll expect a bird to fly using its wings. Ostriches can’t do that.

The wings do not stay on their body idle too. Ostriches use their wings for 2 purposes.

One, they use the wings to balance their movement when running. When an ostrich is running, you will see it raise its wings. Some other birds too do something similar to that.

Two, ostriches use their wings when trying to mate with the opposite sex.

This is funny…

When I was young, my first impression of the people that goes to the gym is they go there to build their muscles so that they will use it to woo women.

The reason is that I only see men going to the gym then, and they often talk about the opposite sex.

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I also know that many ladies prefer men with a six-pack to a slim-stick guy.

Those are some of my childhood thoughts though.

Ostriches Can Run Up To 43 Miles/Hour

Ostriches are a speed demon, no offense to the beautiful bird.

These wonderful creatures can cover large distances with few steps.

Do you know that an ostrich can run 30 miles is an hour at a steady speed? And when it is really ready to run, it can run at 43 miles per hour.

That is astonishing.

I don’t usually hear the term miles per hour quite often, and when I do it describes the speed of a vehicle or car. Not describing an animal.

A single step of a running ostrich can cover 15 feet.

That is bigger than my bedroom- truth be told J.

A one-month-old ostrich can run up to 35 miles in an hour. Speed is one of its major strengths.

An ostrich can get away out of danger pretty quickly with its speed.

Strong and Long Legs

There are few animals with just two toes.

And looking at how fast ostriches run, having two toes is an amazing thing. I think it is an advantage for them.

The part that really helps ostriches to run fast is their legs. Those legs are strong and thick and long.

For a single kick to kill a lion, you can imagine how strong the kick can be.

Unlike a giraffe with long legs and slow speed.

Ostrich makes use of its long legs even though it is not as tall as the giraffe.

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Wait a minute…

Giraffe has a benefit of its long legs that the ostrich doesn’t. Do you want to know? Ok.

It is to peep during exams.

Tall students have an advantage over short students during exams and tests because they can see things from high heights.

I didn’t have this advantage while in school though, so I had to study hard to pass my exams and tests.

However, I wish I hadJ.


Finally, you now have the answers to the common question, do ostriches bury their heads in the sand? 

The simple answer is no. It seems so because the color of their neck and head looks like the color of sand.

You also learn why ostriches live in groups and why they don’t fly.

Ostriches can run up to 43 miles in one hour. This ability to run is in all ostriches no matter how small they are.

The speed is a result of their strong legs.

I expect you to be more informed than someone that hasn’t read this post. So when you hear people asking do ostriches bury their heads in the sand? You should be able to explain the answer to them.

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