October 4, 2022
Discover the republic of Sakha

Our world is incredibly vast, and for that reason, we can find everything traveling through our planet. Due to the incredible diversity, people decide to embark on high adventures to live unique moments. We come across adventurers who choose to spend months in tropical forests or swamps rich in fauna and flora. Others opt for deserts with scorching heat, capable of quickly killing an unprepared person. On the other hand, some cold lovers prefer to spend a good season in the snow, doing whatever the weather allows. If you are one of those who like the cold, you can change your taste if you know Russia’s cold.

Sakha a place in Russia where thermometers measure up to -65 degrees in winter

For us Brazilians passionate about the cold, spending a season in Gramado or any southern city in winter is a paradise. However, going to Russia can be a living hell. That’s because the country is one of the coldest countries, and the low temperatures are low. It is even worse in the Republic of Sakha. In winter, local thermometers measure up to -65 degrees Celsius. This goes far beyond what we can imagine. Thinking about it, we decided to bring some information about the place for you. Check with us then and be surprised. Take the opportunity to share with your friends.

Sakha Republic, Russia, extremely cold place

the republic of Sakha

The Republic of Sakha, also known as Yakutia, is a republic that constitutes a federal division of the Russian Federation. This is because it occupies half the area of ​​the Eastern Federal District. You are then making it the largest steroid in the world, with more than 3 million square kilometers. This area is even larger than that of Argentina. The place is sparsely populated, as is the rest of Siberia. According to the last census, the population of the republic was 958,528.

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About 40% of that area is north of the Arctic Circle and is covered with permafrost. The capital of the place is Yakutsk. In the icy region, there is a Pleistocene Park that recreates the tundra with its typical vegetation. In this, the growth is stimulated by several animals that lived there at the end of the Pleistocene, at the beginning of the Holocene. This place in Russia is among the coldest in the world.

The lowest temperature recorded there were -71.2 degrees. In 2020, more precisely, on January 25, the thermometers marked -54. A quick stroll down the street these days can even kill an unprepared person. The question is: would you like to spend a vacation there?

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