October 3, 2022

Damiris Dantas Net Worth is Estimated around $8 Million as of the year 2020.

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After the light trap, the guard would hit inside and send the ball to her on the perimeter. She threw it right there. The script was almost always the same. The ending too, with the ball dropping, silent and deadly. The star of the scene? Damiris Dantas.

With enormous coldness and technical excellence, the Brazilian was the highlight of the Minnesota Lynx in the 2020 WNBA playoffs, hitting more than half of her shots and scoring almost a quarter of the team’s points per game. She just didn’t make it to the finals.

To say that Damiris surprised is to ignore the career of the pivot three times champion of the Women’s Basketball League (LBF) . But there is no way not to be excited about the future that she may have as the great reference of Brazilian women’s basketball.

As a way of acknowledging all that she has done to reach such a position — and also as a warm-up of what she can do — we put together a text below telling you all about her career. Her story, her titles in Brazil and in the Brazilian National Team and, of course, her trajectory in the WNBA.

Who is Damiris Dantas?

Damiris Dantas is a Brazilian professional basketball player who plays as a center. She was born on November 17, 1992, in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo. Called up to the Brazilian national team for the first time in 2011, she has played for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx since 2019.

“DD”, as she is called by her teammates in the US, is a very resourceful pivot. In 2020, he had shots from the court above 50% and average points per game above 18.

Third best Brazilian scorer in the history of the WNBA, Damiris is certainly the biggest name of the current generation of women’s basketball in Brazil. But it’s not just her career abroad that puts her in this position. The player is, after all, a three-time LBF champion, in three different spells at the Americana.

Damiris has also won three titles with the Brazilian national team — one Copa América, one South American and one Pan — and has everything to, with Erika’s advanced age, lead the team in future competitions (and who knows, who knows.

The story of Damiris Dantas

Damiris Dantas emerged for basketball at the Janeth Arcain Sports Training Center , yes, from the “little school” of one of the greatest players in the history of Brazilian basketball.

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A resident of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, it took two hours to go and another two to return from the CFE, which was in Santo André, a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. The effort did not take long to be rewarded: in 2009, the Brazilian went to play at Club Maristas Coruña, in Spain.

Between a spell at Divino/COC/Jundiaí and another in Spain, at Real Celta de Vigo, the pivot had her first opportunity in the LBF in 2013, at Ourinhos. In his debut season, he was the starter and main offensive weapon of the team that finished in third place in the League.

But his big moment at the beginning of his career was a little earlier, in 2011, at the Under-19 World Cup. The Brazilian team took third place and Damiris had a simply spectacular performance.

She was the leader in points (20.9) and rebounds (12.6) per game, as well as the most double-doubles (6). There was, therefore, no one who took the MVP award from her hands.

How Damiris Dantas Arrived at the WNBA

Obviously, the Under-19 World Cup drew attention. Damiris just didn’t expect that she would be chosen in the first round of the 2012 WNBA Draft by the champion of the season, Minnesota Lynx.

The pivot just didn’t pack her bags for the USA because of the Brazilian team, which asked for commitment and constant presence in the calls due to the proximity of the London Olympics.

As the WNBA calendar often conflicts with that of the CBB , Damiris ended up staying in Brazil, but without necessarily closing the doors on the American League.

A draft pick, in both the WNBA and the NBA, is almost like a declaration of intent, a priority commitment to sign a contract, which, in the Brazilian’s case, would happen in 2014.

Its long-awaited start was devastating. He dished out five assists and grabbed 10 rebounds in his very first game. She was only the second player in League history to reach such a milestone on a debut.

The dream season, however, was interrupted by the health complication of the aunt who raised her. Damiris returned to Brazil to visit her in the hospital and was only able to make it back for Lynx’s last four games in the 2014 playoffs. The aunt passed away shortly afterwards.

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Between Atlanta and Americana

As the WNBA season only lasts six months, Damiris managed to play in the LBF before. Playing for the Americana, she won her first national title.

The year 2015 was similar, when he won another LBF for the São Paulo team. The difference was that later she was involved in a Lynx trade, which sent her to the Atlanta Dream, Erika’s old team. There, she was injured and missed the remainder of the regular season.

As in 2012, in 2016 the pivot chose to stay out of the WNBA to focus on the Brazilian National Team and especially on the Olympics, where she ended up in the unfortunate ninth place. Happy was his third LBF title, once again with Americana, who became the biggest winner of the League with 4 titles.

The achievement boded well for the remainder of the season. So much so that, again in the WNBA, games in the 34 games of the Atlanta Dream in the regular phase. She still had time to act in South Korean basketball at the end of the year.

Second stint at the Minnesota Lynx

In 2019, free from the ankle injuries that plagued her in 2018, and owner of a gold medal at the Pan American Games, Damiris Dantas finally had the long-awaited regularity in the WNBA.

Still re-adapting to American basketball, the pivot had an irregular score but participated in every game of the regular season, making two games for more than 20 points. In the finals, the only game he played in, the loss to the Seattle Storm , he scored 20 points and grabbed six rebounds.

In 2020 that, then yes, DD blew up. In the regular season, he played four games less than 2019, had just one minute more and still grew three points on average (12.9), four percentage points on all shots and increased the amount of rebounds per game (4, 5).

In the playoffs then, she was the owner of the court. 34 minutes of average on the court, 51% of ball use and score of two of the four games that the Minnesota Lynx played, including the series against the Seattle Storm, in which it was eliminated.

Damiris Dantas’ performance was so good that Lynx had no choice but to renew their contract for at least one more season. So stay tuned: we will have our star player at WNBA 2021!

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Damiris Dantas in the Brazilian National Team

The history of Damiris Dantas in the Brazilian National Team started very early. Since 2019, he has been a card-carrying player in youth competitions, including playing in the 2009 Under-19 World Cup at age 17.

In the same year he broke through in the Under-19s that took him to the WNBA, Damiris won his first FIBA ​​title with the main team, the 2011 Copa América. In the tournament, he scored 61 points in six matches.

Shortly after came the 2013 South American Championship, in which he scored 75 points in five matches. The most recent trophy with the Selection was the 2019 Pan in Lima, Peru. The starter was more discreet but still efficient, averaging 10.5 points per game.

Damiris Dantas’ future in the national team is somewhat nebulous. The player never hid her desire to play for the team, but she also never enjoyed such prestige and stability in the WNBA. To see how her response will be in future summons. Even because she has the balls to be in them for a long time.

Damiris Dantas stats and numbers

  • Minutes per game: 34.4
  • Use of field shots:  47.1%
  • 3-point shot use:  51.9%
  • Take advantage of free throws:  83.3%
  • Points per game:  18
  • Rebounds per game:  7.5
  • Assists:  2.8
  • Steals per game: 1.5

The numbers refer to the 2020 postseason. You can check out Damiris Dantas’ full and in-depth stats on the official WNBA website .

Times by Damiris Dantas

  • COC/Jundiaí (2010-2011)
  • Real Celta de Vigo – ESP (2011-2012)
  • Ourinhos (2012)
  • Maranhao Basketball (2013)
  • Americana (2013, 2014, 2016, 2018-2019)
  • Minnesota Lynx – USA (2014-2015, 2019-)
  • Atlanta Dream – USA (2015, 2017)
  • KB Stars – COR (2017-2018)
  • Saving Bank – COR (2018-2019)

Damiris Dantas titles

  • America’s Cup (2011)
  • South American Championship (2013)
  • Women’s Basketball League/LBF (2014, 2015, 2017)
  • Pan American Games (2019)

Damiris Dantas Awards

  • MVP Mundial Sub-19 (2011)

Jimmy Butler Trivia and Biography

  • Full Name: Damiris Dantas do Amaral
  • Date of Birth:  11/17/1992
  • Birthplace:  Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 91kg

What is Damiris Dantas’ Net worth and salary?

Damiris Dantas has a net worth estimated at around $8 Million as of the year 2022. In 2020, Damiris Dantas signed the extension of his contract with the Minnesota Lynx for another year, with the same annual salary of $105,000 for a total of $210,000.

  • 2019/20  – $ 105.000
  • 2020/21 – $S 225.000
  • 2022 – $ 300

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