October 4, 2022
COVID-19 The next edition of the Oscar 2021 must be postponed says website

The next edition of the Oscar must be postponed. Variety said it had spoken to people close to the event’s organizers who say the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is studying the postponement on behalf of COVID-19. To date, the award is still scheduled for February 28, 2021.
The sources said that the plans are far from being concrete, including putting the calendar under question. One of the interview sources also said that “it is quite possible that it will be postponed”.
This would not be the Academy’s only change to the award for the pandemic. With cinemas closed in large part of the world, the Oscar rules started to allow the registration of films that were released only in digital format, but whose initial proposal was to promote them in cinemas. In the old rules, only productions that had at least seven days of box office could compete.

“It makes some senses especially when we don’t really know what is going to happen with the availability of showing in cinemas. We have to make concessions for this year, only during this period, when the cinemas are not open so that great films can be seen and celebrated”, said David Rubin when he announced the move in April.

Despite the possible change of date, the sources said that the Academy still does not have a new calendar for the celebration, nor if there will be changes in the dates for registration of the productions.

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