October 6, 2022
Couple chained for three months to test the love that exists between them

A young Ukrainian couple decided to put their relationship to the test by clasping their hands in a thick iron chain – for three months. Alexander and Viktoria’s decision came on Valentine’s Day, February 14. To date, both traveled to Kiev, where they chained hands in front of a representative of Ukraine’s national registry.

In short, the couple’s goal is to be side by side at all times. This includes sleeping, bathing and, of course, going to the bathroom together. “With this, we want to break a record,” Alexander told Ukrainian media. “There is a chain that holds us together and all the links have been welded. The final link of the chain is closed with the seal of the national registry of registrations”.

Chained couple

The young couple revealed to the Ukrainian media that they are confident and can peacefully spend the three months chained in peace. In contrast, “if they change their mind and want to break the decision, Ukrainians need someone who has a special tool to cut the chain,” said Vitaly Zorin, of Ukraine’s National Registry of Registries.

For the professional, both Alexander and Viktoria were perfectly aware of the romantic experiment. The act of shaking hands was carried out in Zorin and a welder in front of the Statue of Unity in Kiev. The place has since become a symbol of the couple’s commitment.

To demonstrate whether the experiment will work or not, the Ukrainians will document the entire process on social media over the three months they are chained. The first challenge the couple faced as soon as they linked their hands to the chain occurred shortly after they sealed the object when both were returning home, and Viktoria felt a sudden need to use the bathroom.

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Until closing this article, the couple had already published several photos and videos recording some daily tasks, proving to challenge the current situation. According to the records, both have to plan daily to take turns and carry out the necessary actions.

Although the couple is confident, many social media users do not believe that Ukrainians will last three months in chains.

Valentine’s Day

Couple chained for three months to test the love that exists between them

Madness and madness are done to prove that love exists. The Ukrainian couple, who we are dealing with here, are not the only ones looking for a different way of saying I love you. According to the Zankyou portal, in June 2019, a groom sent 30 bouquets – all different – to his beloved during the 30 days before the couple’s wedding. Is the idea good? IT IS. Is it romantic? Also but, I am sorry to say, it is as exaggerated as the attitude of Ukrainians.

Still, in 2019, a 17-year-old girl with no driver’s license took her parents’ hidden car and drove about 100 km at dawn to see her love. Is the attitude beautiful? IT IS. However, it is also irrational – and a little reckless. After all, without a driver’s license, you can’t, right?

To finish off the best – and most insane – ways to put love to the test, we put on the table the case of Russian Alexey Bykov, who decided to hire a production company specializing in special effects to forge a car accident in which he ended up dead, simply asking his girlfriend to marry him. God help me.

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