October 7, 2022

You may not have thought about it yet, but corporate servers are essential for businesses.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word servers? 

Is an air-conditioned room full of computers? 

Or cloud computing?

To understand its importance, not only in the IT sector but for all sectors of a business, it is necessary to understand better how it functions.

What is the role of corporate servers?

The server is a powerful computer that has the function of centralizing company information in a single point.

They work to assist the processing of computers connected to your network.

The Support representative at Sunti Golder Sugar Estate Nigeria, Ganiyu Sidiq emphasizes the importance of this resource:

The Server is the heart of the company, where all the data of the corporation are found.”

How does a server work?

The functioning of physical servers is practically the same as that of a conventional computer, except for some differences.

Its components, for example, need to be much more robust, so that it is able to perform correctly and fast.

Another important point is that the servers have an operating system different from the machines intended for users. 

This software has specific features that make it possible to perform its functions.

In the case of cloud servers, the data will be stored in a gigantic third-party server center.

This central is popularly known as Data Center. 

The great advantage of cloud servers is that they guarantee access to your files from any device.

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Companies like Microsoft, Google, UOL, and Amazon are some of those that offer cloud storage services.

How can corporate servers help my company?

By centralizing all the information and data recorded on the other computers of a company, the corporate servers form a large communication network, capable of giving more agility and increasing the performance in its activities.

Choosing a corporate server is an important step towards professionalizing a business.

Using this feature will facilitate the management of the company as a whole. Check out some examples:

  • Organize information: Centralizing company data helps to avoid the loss and mismatch of files. This is because it will be the role of the server to organize all business documents in a single point.
  • Sharing: The exchange of information between the teams will be facilitated since everyone will be connected to the same point;
  • IT Management: IT processes are simplified when they are administered through a server. From installing a new program to adding users to the network. It is also possible to monitor threats to its structure in a more efficient and less laborious way;
  • Security: Corporate servers will help increase security in your business, as they make it easier to manage antivirus, firewall, and threats.

It is worth mentioning that the support of an IT specialist is essential when choosing a corporate server.

A trained professional will be able to assess the real needs of the company. This step is crucial to decide, for example, to purchase physical equipment or contract cloud service.

Physical server vs. cloud server

The cloud servers have become increasingly popular because of its numerous advantages.

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As they can be hired on-demand, the economy is a point that draws the attention of companies.

Precisely because it does not depend on a physical structure, cloud services facilitate the process of expansion in the short term.

Its flexibility and constant availability of services help to speed up IT processes.

However, it is always important to assess the needs of the business when making that decision. Some factors that must be taken into account:

  • The budget available to invest in hiring or installing a corporate server;
  • The physical structure of the company, since installing a dedicated server will require space and special ventilation;
  • Also, think about your planning: Change of address, expansion of the team, growth in operations, etc. All of these decisions can also impact when hiring corporate servers.

Each case must be analyzed individually, taking into account all the variables that involve the business.

 However, investing in corporate servers should be a priority for companies.

Corporate Servers

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