October 4, 2022
Carole Baskin of Tigers now owns Joe Exotic zoo

If you watched the documentary series The Mafia of Tigers, you would be aware of the war between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the owner of a zoo for tigers, lions and their derivatives; and an advocate for the causes of these cats, respectively. After years of persecution against Carole, the protector has just scored another point in this rivalry.

According to The Courthouse News, Carole Baskin and his non-profit organization Big Cat Rescue will have full control over the property of Joe Exotic Zoo, located in Oklahoma, United States. Joe, today, has been serving time in prison for ordering the murder of his rival, which ended up not happening because he was betrayed by “friends”, and also for animal exploitation.

It all started when Baskin sued Exotic for trademark infringement after the rival reused the Big Cat Rescue logo for his zoo. He was ordered to pay about a million dollars, but the payment never happened. In 2016, Joe Exotic’s mother, Shirley M. Schreibvogel, was also sued by Carole Baskin for transfer of ownership fraud. Now, in June 2020, an Oklahoma district judge ordered the transfer of the zoo, which was in the hands of businessman Jeff Lowe, to Big Cat Rescue.

According to the judge, Lowe, who also has space in the documentary, has 120 days to remove the animals from the premises and vacate the area. Big Cat Rescue also received control of several cars and cabs on the property. In prison, Joe Exotic commented that the rivalry with Carole Baskin is over and that all he wants is to be a free man again.

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The Mafia of Tigers gained worldwide attention when it debuted on Netflix, back in March, telling a bizarre story about Joe Exotic, his relationship with exotic animals and his attachment to felines. The plot also shows the lives of people who worked for him, their husbands and their rivalries, involving the exploitation of animals, illegalities and several other conflicts.

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