Cardi B solitary ring costs $500,000

Cardi B solitary ring costs $500,000

The 25-year-old rapper from the Bronx will be a mommy, but before that she has spent special moments with rapper Offset, from the trio Migos. The rapper who exposes everything she thinks in her songs is melted by looking at her solitary ring .

And even we stayed, after all, not everyone has a half million dollar engagement ring. Learn all about this jewelery masterpiece that is Cardi B’s solitaire ring !

Belcalis Almanzar is known in the world of music as Cardi B. The singer who was anonymous from the Bronx now lives the height of her career, after all Cardi is the new darling of rap. It mixes a little bit of American rap with its Latin culture. Cardi’s parents are from the Dominican Republic.

The singer who was featured at the MET Gala 2018 and also made an epic performance at Coachella 2018 , now expects her first child. The baby is the result of the singer’s relationship with the rapper Offset, a member of the also American trio Los Migos.

A few days ago Cardi made the news by being nominated in 5 categories at the BET Awards and taking two awards home. The categories were: Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice. The BET Awards reward the best black artists in various works related to entertainment.

However, in addition to the well-deserved awards, Cardi was also in the news for sharing on his Twitter that he had secretly married Offset . Anyway, secret or not the couple’s relationship was already more than official through an incredible loner !

Cardi B Majestic Ring

Cardi B solitary ring

Cardi B does not save your engagement ring in any way. The irreverent-style rapper adds the engagement ring to all of her compositions! And even with huge nails and always well decorated, the solitaire ring steals all the attention. The price of the piece, revealed by the singer herself, is no less than $ 500,000 .

The piece is a drop-shaped diamond (some people say pear) in the central part and around it many other little diamonds! The main gem has 8 carats, while those around it add up to 3 carats.

In addition to the diamond as the protagonist, the ring also has a row of pink stones surrounding the main gem. The Cardi B solitaire ring is majestic, after all, an 8-carat diamond shines everywhere, right?

The rapper still says that sometimes when she gets mad at her now husband, she thinks this:


That is, she says that the play makes her feel good. With Cardi’s exact words: “It makes me feel good. Even when we’re in an argument, I think: does he really love me? He gave me a half million dollar ring, yes he does ”.

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B has been dating rapper Offset since 2016, however the courtship has had troubled periods. In late 2017, iCloud ‘s Offset account was hacked and a video of him with another naked woman was leaked. Thus the singer’s betrayal became public.

Despite fans’ plea for Cardi to break up with the singer, she persisted in the romance . He said that only she and he knew everything they had been through. In October last year, the rapper surprised her at a show the singer was doing in Philadelphia and surprised her with a marriage proposal . With the modest solitary ring as protagonist !

Today the rapper is pregnant with Offset and both maintain a stable and very harmonious relationship! May the couple’s romance stay that way for much longer. Even better if it lasts as long as this beautiful lonely millionaire!

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