October 7, 2022

 Here we will discuss how CAPRICORN has a relationship with other Earth sign; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


They are very compatible signs; both are very homey, they like to enjoy travel, feel financially safe and enjoy the pleasures of life. Taurus is a great host and has many social relationships, qualities that Capricorn takes advantage of to receive friends or business partners. It will be a comfortable and safe relationship for both of you. They will both agree that the goal is to succeed, but it would be nice if they had a little more fun and worked less.


Both are very practical, detailed and structured; they like stable relationships; they are very far-sighted; they also want to save. In bed, they are very compatible, they are attracted to each other, but they also like to feel that they are respected, although Virgo can feel that Capricorn takes a lot of work and neglects it.


They are signs that they want a stable, orderly home with children, although both are addicted to work and seek success above all else. Although, when they reach their goal, they will set a higher one, They are overprotective signs, and it may not be a very fun relationship, but it is a very stable and safe one.

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