October 2, 2022

Caeleb Dressel net worth is estimated at $5 million as of the year 2022.

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It is a privilege of this generation to be able to watch Caeleb Dressel compete. Or at least try, such is his speed in the water.

A spectacular sprinter and fierce competitor, Caeleb is the greatest swimmer of his generation. More: he has everything to be one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

In the following text, we will delve deep into the life of this athlete who has been compared to none other than Michael Phelps . We will tell your biography, list your modalities, medals and achievements and even share some curiosities.

Who is Caeleb Dressel?

Caeleb Remel Dressel is a professional swimmer from Green Cove Springs, Florida, in the United States. Born on August 16, 1996, he has competed since 2016 for the US national swim team and since 2019 for the Cali Condors, a professional swimming club in San Francisco, California.

Caeleb is regarded as one of the best swimmers in the world. Olympic medalist at 19, at 23 he already had more than ten gold medals in the Swimming World Championship , won in just two editions.

The American is the owner of more than ten world records between short and normal pools and another fifteen national records. The most outstanding feat in this regard was surpassing the time of Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly . He completed the race in 49.50s.

Caeleb surpassed the swimming legend also in the number of medals in a single edition of a Worlds, taking eight – six gold and two silver – in 2019, in South Korea. Earlier, she had matched her compatriot’s seven gold medals at the 2017 edition in Hungary.

All eyes are on the swimmer for the Tokyo Olympics. It seems certain that Dressel will win a good number of medals. But he will be able to get the eight gold medals, which Phelps got in 2008. Some people even talk about nine . See you

In which tests does Caeleb Dressel swim?

Caeleb Dressel is essentially a sprinter, but competitively versatile. In Olympic swimming pool events, that is, 50m in length, he competes in the sprint events (50m and 100m) in butterfly and freestyle swimming .

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In the 4x100m relays, he is also between freestyle and butterfly, collecting national and world titles and records in both the 50m and 100m.

The Biography of Celeb Dressel

Growing up in a small California town, Caeleb Dressel got his first taste of swimming at the age of five, watching his brother compete. At 12, she had already decided to follow the sport and try life as an athlete.

The “try” didn’t last long. That’s because before the age of 16 he already accumulated national records and was leader of the national speed ranking for his age. In fact, at 17 the question was no longer “whether” I would succeed but rather could I succeed.

So much so that in 2013, even though he won four medals at the Junior World Cup, he felt like a failure and walked away from the sport for six months. And look, he had won gold in the competition.

But Caeleb not only had a very solid family background—to the point of turning down a scholarship to a top Florida college to support himself in his hometown—he was always very centered.

He relied a lot on his family and religion to get back into competition and even changed his career path a little by committing to the University of Florida (the same one where his father studied), specializing in middle and long distance races.

Caeleb Dressel’s absurd university performance

What appeared to be an unusual option—Caeleb, after all, specialized in speed and therefore short events—proved to be the perfect course. The swimmer was historic as a university student. He won, well, up to two Olympic medals — gold — in that period.

Dominant in virtually every division he competed in, Dressel was a 10-time NCAA champion and 28-time All-American by reaching every possible final in the national championships annually. He still managed historic times in the 50-yard and 100-yard events .

Before turning professional, in 2018, he appeared for good to the world in 2017, at the Swimming World Championships in Budapest. In Hungary, he won “only” seven medals, all of them gold.

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During his transition to professionalism, he also competed in the Swimming World Championships in short pools. He took nine medals, six of them gold.

Caeleb Dressel at the 2019 World Swimming Championships

Overcoming a traffic accident that took him out of the pools for a few months plus the suspension of Ryan Lochte, his idol and training colleague, Caeleb Dressel made history at the 2019 Swimming Worlds.

Held in Gwangju, South Korea, the competition had Caeleb as its main competitor. The swimmer won six events and was second in two others. In the medal count, a record: no one had ever won eight medals in a single edition.

The performance led to him being named the Swimmer of the Year by FINA (Federation Internationale de la Swimming). It was the second time he took the award. The first was in 2017.

Another great achievement in the competition was the world record in the 100m butterfly, which for more than ten years belonged to Michael Phelps. Caeleb completed the race in 49.50s. And went down in history.

Olympic Medals by Caeleb Dressel

Caeleb Dressel counts two Olympic medals. Both are gold and were won at the Rio Games in 2016. Caeleb won the relay events: the 4×100 Freestyle and 4×100 Medley.

Caeleb Dressel Medals in Swimming Worlds

  • Gold Medal – 50m Freestyle – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 100m Freestyle – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 100m Butterfly – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Freestyle – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Medley – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Mixed Freestyle – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Mixed Medley – Budapest (HUN), 2017
  • Gold Medal – 50m Freestyle – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Gold Medal – 100m Freestyle – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Gold Medal – 50m Butterfly – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Gold Medal – 100m Butterfly – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Freestyle – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Mixed Freestyle – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Silver Medal – 4×100m Medley – Gwangju (COR), 2019
  • Silver Medal – 4×100m Mixed Medley – Gwangju (COR), 2019
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Caeleb Dressel Medals at the Short Course Swimming World Championships

  • Gold Medal – 100m Freestyle – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Gold Medal – 4×50m Freestyle – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Freestyle – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Gold Medal – 4×100m Medley – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Gold Medal – 4×50m Mixed Freestyle – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Gold Medal – 4×50m Mixed Medley – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Silver Medal – 50m Freestyle – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Silver Medal – 100m Butterfly – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018
  • Silver Medal – 4×50m Medley – Hangzhou (CHN), 2018

Remembering about Caeleb Dressel

  • World Record in the 4×100m Mixed Medley: 3:38.56 at the 2017 Swimming World Championships
  • World Record in the 4×100m Mixed Freestyle: 3:19.60 at the 2017 Swimming World Championships
  • World Record in the 100m Butterfly: 49.50 (sf) at the 2019 Swimming World Championships
  • World Record in the 4×100m Mixed Freestyle: 3:19.40 at the 2019 Swimming World Championships

Caeleb Dressel’s short-pool swimming records

  • World Record in the 4×100m Freestyle: 3:03.03 at the 2018 Worlds
  • World Record us 4×50m Medley Misto: 1:36.40 no World of 2018
  • 4×50m Freestyle World Record: 1:21.80 at the 2018 Worlds
  • 4×50m Mixed Freestyle World Record: 1:27.89 at the 2018 Worlds
  • 50m Freestyle World Record: 20.24 in the 2019 International Swimming League
  • 100m Medley World Record: 49.88 in the 2019 International Swimming League

Curiosities of Celeb Dressel

  • Caeleb is a very religious person. So much so that at the beginning of his career, he even competed with biblical passages written on his face. The “tribute” was short-lived, as it was against FINA rules.
  • It is very common for Dressel to enter the final warm-up of events with a blue bandana in his mouth. It belonged to a former teacher of his, who died of cancer.
  • Caeleb’s childhood idol was Ryan Lochte . Afterwards, the swimmer became his training partner.
  • Caeleb Dressel is a somewhat restless guy and passionate about swimming. So much so that he makes videos and video lessons about competition techniques and tips. He even taught online courses.
  • The swimmer is sponsored by Toyota and Speedo.
  • Before turning to swimming, Caeleb Dressel played football at school.

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