October 2, 2022
BMW 320i Dynamic at IIMS Hybrid 2022

The BMW 320i Dynamic launched into the country stealing attention at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2022 this time. This premium-class car from Germany became the first 320i Sport to be present.

For automotive connoisseurs or lovers, you must be familiar with BMW brand vehicles. The well-known trademark which is famous for being a luxury vehicle, we can no longer doubt its quality.

So don’t be surprised if they finally offer a balanced design and performance. Not only superior in terms of appearance that can attract people to use it.

Therefore, for those of you who are interested in using or observing this series, it is better to read our discussion below. So you can compare and see for yourself what the attraction is.

BMW 320i Dynamic Coming to IIMS Hybrid 2022

BMW 320i 2022

This well-known event, which is usually used as a forum for promotion or testing the waves of world-renowned brands, has been going on since last March. Located at JiExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, to be precise, from March 31 to April 10, 2022.

The shutdown took place a few days ago and still leaves a lively topic for some of the vehicles that have managed to steal the show. Not only that, this time they show the latest series belonging to the German manufacturer.

They offer a new variant which amounts to three choices. The innovation this time is a collaboration of the official dealer between BMW Operation and PT Astra International.

Not only that, this time they also invited BMW lovers for a long time. The launch of the New 3201 Sport for the first time is definitely a concern.

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BMW 320i Dynamic Specifications

This time it comes in three variants that lovers can choose for themselves. Starting from the BMW 320i Sport, BMW 320i Dynamic, and BMW 330i M Sport which have the latest advanced technology.

It offers a maximum output of 184 hp and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The speed can reach 100 km / h with a fuel efficiency of 15.9 km/liter.

This latest vehicle engine is a crankshaft. This designation is the meaning of light and can help the system to further reduce the risk of internal friction and heat dissipation. Because it uses a better machine computer management system.

When it comes to size, the BMW 320i Dynamic is more compact and modern. You will benefit from the specifications on the engine that help shape the vehicle.

Advanced Features

Don’t worry, it’s only right that premium class cars offer sophisticated features. It happened this time because they used the start and stop buttons on the control panel on the center console.

Meanwhile, to help drivers, they put the driving experience control button and gearshift as well as a lever on the iDrive Controller. So that the rider will travel more comfortably.

The BMW 320i Dynamic will be an attractive premium luxury car. The reason is not only superior in appearance alone. The specifications and features are quite reliable.

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