October 6, 2022
Facts about Blackpink

At this point, you should no longer be surprised by the great success of K-Pop groups in Brazil, right? After much struggle, the South Korean groups managed to enter and stay permanently in Western countries, which have always shown some resistance. Although the old groups had already conquered some fans, like BIGBANG, 2NE1, Girls Generation and Super Junior, they still had not managed to make this musical style a “fever” among people. The current generation, thanks to the power of streaming, has reached places never imagined. BTS, for example, drags crowds wherever they go and have even been nominated for a Grammy. Another group, responsible for all this success and recognition of k-pop in the world is, without a doubt, Blackpink.

But, if you don’t know the group yet, Blackpink is a South Korean lineup from YG Entertainment. Composed of four members, namely: Rosé, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo, Blackpink made its debut on August 8, 2016, launching Square One, a mini album composed by the singles “Wistle” and “Boombayah”. These were the first of many girls’ successes . After much effort, the line-up was considered the most successful Korean female act on the United States’ music charts. With the single “How You Like That”, they reached position 33 in the top 100. With “Kill This Love”, they went a little further and enjoyed position 24.

In view of all this success, we decided to bring this article to you, dear reader. The newsroom of Fatos Desconhecidos decided to search and list some curiosities about the k-pop titans. Check with us below and share with your friends now. Without further ado, come on.

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Blackpink: Curiosities about the k-pop titans

1 – Blackpink was the first K-Pop group to perform at Coachella.

2 – Not all members of the group were born in South Korea, as many think. Lisa, for example, was born in Thailand while Rosé was born in New Zealand.

3 – Blackpink mixes the words: black and pink in English. This was thought to symbolize that in addition to beauty, the members have a lot of talent.

Facts about the South Korean group that won the world

4 – Jisoo is extremely passionate about Pikachu and has even done imitation of the Pokémon.

5 – Jennie was the first member revealed. The last was Rosé.

6 – Lisa’s birth name is Panpriya Manoban. However, she legally changed to Lalisa Maniban.

Facts about the South Korean group that won the world

7 – One of Rosé’s idols is Taeyang, a member of the Bigbang group.

8 – “Boombayah” became the first debut M / V to reach the mark of 100 million views. Today the official clip has already exceeded 1 billion.

9 – The group was formed by 9 members, but the CEO of YG chose to leave only the four that are currently part.

Facts about the South Korean group that won the world

10 – Before being called Blackpink, the group would be called “Pink Punk”.

11 – Although they seem quite serious, the members of the group have already said that Jisoo is a joke. They even compare it to a high school teenager.

12 – Rose, before becoming an Idol, was already a cheerleader.

Facts about the South Korean group that won the world

13 – One of Lisa’s best friends is Bambam, a member of GOT7. The two grew up together in Thailand and were even part of the same dance group, We Zaa Cool.

14 – The group’s debut stage is the live of a most viewed k-pop group of 2016.

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