October 4, 2022

An artist who knows so well how to mix the subtleties of the French language with rich and bewitching music.

Alain Claude Baschung said Alain Bashung .

Singer stamped “intellectual rock”, Bashung drags his false casualness and his real anxieties since his adolescence. Poor health forces the child to spend his first ten years with his grandparents in Alsace. The return to the capital is marked by a thirst to discover everything, mainly in the musical field. The school does not interest the teenager who readily recognizes himself in the rhythms of blues and American rock. Besides, it is to make it more “anglish” that he will cut the “c” of his last name … He goes up with friends to a group: The Dunces. In 1966 his first 45 laps were released, without meeting a large audience. Nevertheless, the young man works for others as an arranger and thus learns his trade. In 1973 Claude-Michel Schöenberg, for his first musical show “La Révolution Française”, offers him the role of Robespierre. It will therefore keep the virus of the game and will return to it many years later through the cinema.Dick Rivers offers to hire him as a handyman.

Rock and roll attitude

At nearly 30, things are finally moving. Not only did Bashung meet his favorite lyricist: Boris Bergman and musician Andy Scott, but he released a first album “Romans Photos” which allowed him, despite relative success, to release a second opus “Russian Roulette”. The titles “Bijou, bijou” and “Always on the white line” prepare the young man for the triumph that will be for him the single “Gaby” in 1980. A certain cynicism, served by tasty puns, bathed in a sophisticated humor , allow the public to definitively adopt the singer. Thus “Pizza”, released in 1981, quickly tops the sales with “Vertiges de l’Amour”. Shows and rewards will then follow one another. The following album “Play Blessures”,, disconcerts the public: Bashung sets the tone: he will never be where we expect him to be.

“Figure Imposée” clearly marks this freedom. In 1985 he returned to the top of the charts with “SOS amor” and “Touche pas à mon pote”. In 1987, “Passé le Rio Grande” disappointed severe criticism, but won a Victoire de la Musique. “Novice”, two years later, gives a slightly darker twist to the singer’s universe. In 1991 the consecration comes with the triumph of “Osez Joséphine” and “Volutes”, without forgetting “Madame rêve” which offer a musical universe out of fashion where the public finds itself.

A deceptively casual artist

History not to lie the legend “Chatterton” in 1994 confuses the issue. As for “Military Fantasy”, released in 1998, thanks among other things to “La nuit je mens”, it touches the heart of the public but also the profession which rewards him during the Victoires de la Musique in 99 for his album and for the clip “At night I lie”. He is also crowned artist of the year. He did it again the following year because he was singled out for the soundtrack of “Ma petite entreprise”, a feature film by Pierre Jolivet. In 2002, “Imprudence” was released, an album which brought together thirteen titles in which “the old guard” collaborated: the author Jean Fauque or the guitarist Marc Ribot. Almost ten years after having given his last concert,returns to the scene in 2003. Concerts that begin in Belgium and also go through Switzerland or
CAnada. A sophisticated tour tinged with rock that is immortalized in a double CD “The tour of the great spaces” which leaves the following year. In 2005, in “Climax”, Alain Bashung takes up thirty-eight of his works.

The album .. farewell .

“Bleu Pétrole” is the latest studio album by the French artist. Released in March 2008, it benefits from the writing of Gérard Manset but also that of younger collaborators such as Gaëtan Roussel (Louise Attaque) and Arman Méliès. It follows a tour and a series of concerts at the Olympia despite the chemotherapy sessions that he undergoesAlain Bashung .

Lung cancer which has been eating away at him for a year will finally get the better of him on March 14, 2009. That day, the singer takes his last breath in Paris at the age of 61 after having received, two weeks earlier, three trophies during the 24th Victoires de la Musique. Ultimate awards that make Alain Bashung the most awarded singer of this ceremony with 11 trophies.

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