October 4, 2022

Best Brains Vs Kumon, both are after school programs that parents give their kids. There are lots of such teachings out there and the best thing you as a parent can do is to know the difference.
Because when you know the difference, you would be able to pick the one that suits your child.
Each child has a unique learning style.
Although, these after school learning programs are not as many, you will still make a better choice if you know how that beautiful child of yours learns.
A parent will feel good when the child is improving in mathematics and other basic knowledge.
On this page you will learn all the differences and similarities in Best Brains and Kumon.
I also share some information on Eye Level, so you can compare the three to make a better choice.

Best Brains vs kumon Explained

I would like to start with Kumon.
The man that Started Kumon is Toru Kumon obviously, the program is named after him.
He developed this idea in 1958 when trying to teach his child mathematics.
Kumon is now a global teaching method with over 40 countries using the program.
Kumon focuses on developing individual child, so the first thing a child will go through is a test that will determine the current ability of such child and which stage to put the child.
This program is a complete practical program.
The child will practice using pencil, eraser and paper.
After the test, the teacher will give the child a worksheet base on the outcome of the test.
Most of the activities in Kumon develops the child’s left brain. Every day the child will be given some homework so as to develop the child’s ability to the fullest.

Best Brains

Let see the second part of this discussion – Best Brains .
Best Brains is also an after school program but unlike the rest, it teaches the children 4 subjects.
Abacus, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.
Most of the other programs does not teach general knowledge.
Best Brains aims at developing the right brain of the child, which is a big difference between Best Brains and Kumon.
Because Kumon focuses on left brain using repetition.
Best brains develops the right brain by working on the creativity of the child through  Abacus, and develops the left brain through other portions of its program.
It uses Abacus in this regard.
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The Abacus program is distinct from the Math program.
Best Brains’ Abacus program is designed to help with speed and accuracy of calculations. While Best Brains’ Math program teaches students similar concepts to what they are learning in school, the Abacus program is more focused on critical thinking and brain development.
The aim of the  General Knowledge program is to help children develop research skills and expand the students general knowledge with topics they won’t necessary be exposed to in school.
This helps boost students’ confidence and expands their global awareness. There are also weekly spelling and vocabulary tests in the Best Brains English program.
I think it’s high time you know the similarities in Best Brains vs Kumon.

Similarities Between Best Brains And Kumon

Both are after school programs for kids.
The minimum age a child can start is 3 years.
Gives your child an edge in school.
Teachers are closer to a child which helps to determine where the child needs improvement.
Your child will get some homework at the end of the day.

Best Brains Tuition Fees

At Best Brains, prices vary by location.
The child can take as many or as few subjects as desired. The cost for 3 and 4 subjects is the same.

Kumon Tuition Fees

Kumon has just two subjects, Mathematics and English – Reading.
And for both subjects, you pay between $160 – $200, with a registration fee of $50.
Your child will also get some materials that will help in improving the child’s knowledge.
The materials cost $15.
Please note that these fees can vary depending on the location and some other variables.

Eye level vs Kumon

As mentioned above, Kumon was created in 1958 but Eye level on the other hand came into existence in 1954.
Kumon originated from Japan and Eye level South Korea.
The two programs are similar in their approach to students but Eye level improves the creativity of the child and makes the student think outside the box.
In Eye level the child is given enough time to complete the work, Kumon tends to work on the speed of the child without decreasing the accuracy.
Kumon gives each child some homework on all subjects at the end of the day, Eye level on the other gives a child an option to take homework on English.
Eye level uses colorful materials to teach the children. Children tend to find this friendly which will help their learning progress.

Best Brains vs Eye Level

Best Brains is all about improving the creativity of the child while Eye level too take that into consideration, it is not up to the level of  Best Brains.
In which case,  Best Brains and eye level are still better in terms of creativity development compared to kumon.
The child is given all the times it needs to finish a work in eye level,  Best Brains gives recommendations for the amount of time it should take to complete homework, but speed is only important in the Abacus program.
In language learning of Eye level, the children are given letter writing and grammar lessons.
With this, I come to the end of this brief discussion on Best Brains vs kumon.
Please make sure you understand what your child needs because you wouldn’t want your child to go through the stress of learning without any result for it.
Please kindly share this little piece of content with other parents, you don’t know who might need it.
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It’s been close to 2 years that I first shared this post and I am pleased that it has helped many parents to pick the right after-school program for their children.
best brains vs kumon

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