October 4, 2022
Batwoman who should replace ruby rose

It’s very much clear, 2020 has been marked by unexpected events. Our greatest example is the sudden coronavirus pandemic responsible for paralyzing the world. As a result, the audiovisual industry has been largely affected. Early in the quarantine, series and film productions had to be postponed or suspended in order to comply with social isolation measures. This was already a blow to the big studios, which do not even have a forecast to return to normal production. However, as if the current context was no longer problematic enough, the CWis having to deal with one more misfortune. Recently, the television network lost the protagonist of one of its most important series. It turns out that on the 19th, it was announced that Ruby Rose would abandon the role of Batwoman in the eponymous series.

Nevertheless, the actress decided not to reveal the real reason for her departure; speculation has been circulating on the internet. Previously, some rumours pointed out that the star’s withdrawal was motivated by health problems. However, according to Variety, Rose would be unhappy with her excessive hours. So, after some friction on the set, the interpreter chose to move away from production. Since the show cannot stop, at the moment, the CW is working hard to cast a replacement for Rose. With the second season scheduled to launch in January 2021, the channel must be running out of time.

Although there is no information on the progress of the selection of a new actress, it is certain that the CW is looking for an actress committed to the LGBTQI community, after all, Kate Kane / Batwoman made history as the first lesbian superheroine to win their own series. Thinking about it, we decided to list some suggestions for possible interpreters for the role.

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Anna Paquin

In together for being a well-known face for fans of superheroes, Anna Paquin is also an active member of the LGBTQI community’s struggle. Although her most notable work, at least for the nerdy world, was as a Rogue in the X-Men franchise, Paquin has already won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance on The Piano. In fact, it is worth noting that she was only eleven when this happened. Therefore, it is more than certain that Paquin would be able to add more than necessary depth to Batwoman.

Kristen Stewart

Like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart is often associated with her role in the Twilight Saga. However, like the actor, Stewart has a filmography that goes beyond his performance as Bella Swan. In 2014, the actress shared her bisexuality with the world. In addition, Stewart recently lived Sabina Wilson in The Panthers, where she showed her aptitude in action scenes, something highly compatible with the requirements needed to act as the CW heroine. It would undoubtedly be quite interesting to see Stewart take on the Batwoman mantle on the screen after Pattinson was cast as Batman in theatres.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has a reputation that precedes it. Although we haven’t seen her perform since her work on The Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, she remains a potential option. In addition to being openly bisexual, the actress has a lot of experience in action franchises. Surprisingly, before Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, rumours were circulating pointing Fox to the role. Considering all her experience on screen and charisma with the audience, it is certain that the actress would be an incredible Batwoman.

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Trace Lysette

While not as famous as most of the names on that list, don’t be fooled, Trace Lysette would be a strong contender for the role. Best known for her work on Transparent, the Amazon Prime Video series, Lysette is an extremely talented actress and an important trans activist. Since representativeness has become increasingly important in the media, it would be quite significant to see Lysette in that role. Although Kate Kane is a cis woman, the actress has already spoken about the importance of trans actors and actresses being cast in different roles. “It’s not just about this character being trans,” she said.

Stephanie Beatriz

While all the other actresses on this list instinctively came up with suggestions from Internet users, Stephanie Beatriz volunteered for the role. Known for her performance as Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Beatriz used her Twitter to comment on the vacancy left by Ruby Rose. “Reading everything about Batwoman”, threw the actress in the air. Then, a follower replied “go-to method”, suggesting the immersion technique to her. Getting in the mood, Beatriz replied, “I literally dyed my hair red last month.” Unnecessary to say, the supporters went crazy with this possibility of casting. In addition, in her work as Diaz, Beatriz had reached an important place for the LGBTQ community, in which she has been openly active since 2016 when she assumed her bisexuality.

Brianna Hildebrand

Finally, we present the Teenage Megasonic Missile, that is, Brianna Hildebrand. Despite being the youngest on this list, the actress is known for her role in Deadpool proved to be extremely talented. Surprisingly, she came out while working on the film First Girl I Loved, where he met his girlfriend in production. Since then, Hildebrand has been sharing his story with young people from the LGBTQI community and inspiring many people. Therefore, combining his experience in hero films with his representativeness, it is certain that Hildebrand would be an assertive choice for the role of Batwoman.

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