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Jared Goff: Biography, Net worth, Quarterback, stats and records

Jared Goff isn’t among the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL. And we’re talking about a guy who’s been twice Pro Bowl and picked first in his draft class. Media discretion, however, does not mean lower performance on the field. The number 16 is one of the most efficient passers in the league, one of the few to […]

Los Angeles Dodgers: Biography, Titles and Best players

The Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the most popular and successful franchises in MLB. The Californian team is among the World Series’ biggest winners, top athlete trainers, and has been home to some of the most important players in baseball history. In addition, it is one of the most valuable sports organizations in the […]

Rafael Silva: Biography, Titles, Olympic medals and achievements in judo

Rafael Silva is not among the most mediatic athletes. Calm and serene, he just can’t be called discreet because of his more than two meters and height. And he is one of the greatest Brazilian judokas in the history of the Olympics. Owner of two medals at the Olympic Games, the “Baby” disputes in Tokyo […]

Trevor Lawrence: Biography, Lifestyle, Statistics and College Records

Trevor Lawrence hasn’t even made it to the NFL yet, hasn’t even confirmed his presence in the Draft . Still, he seems to have the future of the league at his feet. Clemson’s quarterback is a college football phenomenon and the great promise of American football today. His success in the NFL seems to be a matter of time. It’s just not […]

Boston Red Sox: Biography, Lifestyle, Titles and best players

Few teams in the world, in any sport, are as charismatic as the Boston Red Sox. The baseball franchise has an enviable collection of stories, characters and symbols, as well as a fanatical and extremely loyal fan base. The best part is that this whole tradition is permeated with achievements. The Red Sox is one of MLB’s […]

Tampa Bay Rays: Biography, World Series and Top Players

The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the newest but also one of the most tenacious franchises in MLB . In just over twenty years of existence, the Rays have already changed their name, identity, owner, have had bad seasons and historic campaigns . Added to the decades in which his city was incessantly looking for a team, these years […]

Justin Herbert: Net worth, Biography, records, and how he got to the NFL

One of the big (and new) NFL attractions has been Justin Herbert. The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback has divided opinions since before being drafted and continues to polarize the debate about his capabilities and especially his potential within the League. So, to contribute to the discussion, we put together a text about Justin Herbert’s career […]

Houston Astros: History, World Series, and Greatest Players

The Houston Astros have always been, as the name implies, a team with an eye for the stars. This forward vision was decisive for the transformation of many aspects of the MLB, from stadium architecture to lawn conservation methods, including uniform design. When the franchise of the future began to really look to the present, […]

Martine Grael: Biography, Net worth, and the legacy of Grael sailing family

Whether it’s Christmas photos, special birthday songs, or New Year’s Eve dinners, in short, everyone has a family tradition, no matter how small. Martine Grael and her family have something, shall we say, grander: the Olympics. Four generations at sea and three at the Olympics, the Grael surname is basically synonymous with sailing, but also with […]

BMW 320i Dynamic at IIMS Hybrid 2022, Features and Specifications

The BMW 320i Dynamic launched into the country stealing attention at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2022 this time. This premium-class car from Germany became the first 320i Sport to be present. For automotive connoisseurs or lovers, you must be familiar with BMW brand vehicles. The well-known trademark which is famous for being a luxury vehicle, we […]