October 6, 2022

One aspect of programming that is becoming rampant now is app programming.
The use of mobile phones is increasing which is leading…
… to high demand for mobile apps.
Look at those amazing apps on your phone.
How will you feel if you can create one by yourself?
That is what you will find in this post.
How to develop an android and iOS app for beginners?
The Basic Things You Need
Put this at the back of your mind.
Most mobile apps make use of database and, that means…
If you will create the back end and front end for your app.
Except if you want to create app that does not use database.
So, to create a database:
You will need some knowledge of SQL.
But if you don’t want to go the database route, at least for now.
You can develop some skills on front end development.
Just HTML, CSS and JavaScript will give you all you need.
The three Programming languages above are not so difficult to learn if…
You are willing to put in the work required.
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If you have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you start with JavaScript because:
JavaScript has some platforms that you can use to develop the back end of your app.
Such platforms are Node.js and for the database, MongoDB.
Now let go to the platforms.
The two most popular app platforms are Android and iOS.
You best bet will be to go with any of these platforms
Not that you can program an app on other platforms, it just that the market is huge for Android and iPhone.
So, why stress yourself.

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How To Code An App For iPhone

This is the platform use for iOS apps.
All the apps on your iPad and iPhone were built on this platform.
It on a Mac computer that you can program an iOS app because you will need Xcode which does not run on any other machine except Mac.
And the language use is objective-c.
There is no better place to learn how to develop iOS app than the apple developer center itself.
You will be given all the required tutorials you’ll need, all for free.
The training will take you from how to build an app from scratch.
You visit Apple iOS Dev Center here
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How To Create An Android App With Coding

Java programming language is what is use to develop android apps.
And a software called Android Software Development Kit.
The software runs on all operating systems.
Another thing you will need is Eclipse which is the Integrated Development Environment use in Android app development.
You can get free tutorials at Android Developers Training.
The training will take you from how to develop an android app for beginners up to your first app.
Don’t limit yourself to these two training sites only.
You can also get some other free resources online apart from these official ones.

5 Top Programming language for App Development

These are the top app programming languages.
In app programming, HTMLS is the language that is usually used to develop the front end.
This is the language use in iOS app programming.
Objective-c is the language use to build most of the apps on your iPhone.
The language is good for developing robust apps.
A lot of people like this using this language mainly because it is flexible.
Apps that are developed using Java are easy to update and reuse.
This is the app use for cocoa and cocoa touch.
C ++
C++ is a multipurpose programming language.
It is good for develop programs for windows machine and it is widely used for mobile apps as well.
C sharp is the programming language behind the apps on windows phone.
Just like how objective-c is use in iOS.

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