October 5, 2022
Anthony Davis Net worth

“Fear The Brow,” says the tagline about Anthony Davis. In fact, the pivot gives plenty of reason to fear him on the court, but it has nothing to do with his unibrow. He is the most complete player in the NBA right now.

Tall, agile, and skilled, Davis is capable of scoring from anywhere on the court. On defense, his great placement combines with his wingspan and massive lateral speed to create a stump machine.

Unanimously in the NBA, “The Brow” was practically a demand by LeBron James at the Lakers, to get a sense of his morals in the League. Alongside the King, “ AD” took the California franchise back into contention for titles.

In the following text, we tell you the facts and figures of his career, and how he won the position of LeBron’s ideal partner in Los Angeles.

Who is Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis is, without a doubt, the best center in the NBA these days. Born in Chicago and drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans, he has played for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2019.

Who is Anthony Davis

AD, as he is known in the League, has been a phenomenon since joining it in 2012. Vice in the rookie of the year contest (losing to Damian Lillard ), the player entered the All-Star Game in his second year and never left. . He was named MVP of the event in 2017 when he broke the record for points scored (53).

For the New Orleans Pelicans, it exceeded all high expectations. He scored, defended, and even set up the team. So much so that he went looking for bigger flights in one of the biggest franchises in the NBA.

It’s just that Davis was made to play basketball these days, where centers have to work both in and out of the paint. It’s funny to think that he played out of position in his teens and that he almost quit basketball.

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Anthony Davis Biography and Trivia

Full name:Anthony Marshon Davis Jr.
Date of birth:03/11/1993
Birthplace:Chicago, Illinois
Height:2.08 m
Weight:115 kg

What is Anthony Davis’ Net worth and salary?

Anthony Davis Networth is estimated at around $100 Million as of the year 2022, In December 2020, Anthony Davis signed a new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for five years and $190 million. The agreement provides for an  early termination clause before the fifth season, which could make Davis a free agent in the 2024-2025 season.

In his first contract with the Lakers, Anthony Davis had signed a two-year contract with the franchise worth $55,844,794. His starting annual salary was over $27 million.

How did Anthony Davis get started in basketball?

Have you heard of the Perspective Charter school? No? Don’t worry, no one else knew either. At least not before Anthony Davis joined the NBA.

The small Chicago school was where the player took his first difficult steps, or rather, pitches. With the very little infrastructure for sports, the school did not have its own gym or even enough uniforms for the High School Basketball season.

How did Anthony Davis get started in basketball

So, the 15-year-old, 1.88 m guard at the time, always playing outside the house, with uniforms inside out every other day and without a miserable scout watching him, thought that maybe that wasn’t for him.

In fact, it was not, if “that” is the structure of the Perspective Charter, which curiously is a reference in the development of students in the area of ​​exact sciences. Is that why the young AD had such a geeky look?

It was only in the AAU, the US amateur league, that Davis was able to really show his talent. And what talent. Among several University invitations, the young man, already moved to the bottle, chose traditional Kentucky.

On the fly: In his first year, he scored more than 14 points and grabbed more than 10 rebounds per game, in addition to a frightening average of blocks above 4 per game. Oh, and he also won the 2012 NCAA title.

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His college period didn’t even smell, much less his time sitting during the 2012 Draft. He was soon the first overall pick, made by the New Orleans Pelicans, who at the time were still the New Orleans Hornets.

Anthony Davis History in the NBA

Two facts you need to know about Anthony Davis’ start in the NBA: rapid development and a lot of injuries.

Anthony Davis History in the NBA

While he gained body and weight to face the clinch of the North American League, AD continued to improve his footwork for the shots outside it. Perhaps this created a certain imbalance that, nowadays, seems resolved.

Just look at the points and games average of your early years. Between 2012 and 2016, his production gradually increased from 13.5 to 24 points per game, but in none of those years, he even hit 70 games.

In fact, Davis has only made over 70 appearances in two of his seven seasons with the Pelicans, in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. Interestingly, those were the years when he produced the most offensively, both averaging over 28 points per game.

In one of those seasons (2018), he went to the playoffs and still raised his production to 30 average points, but he was still eliminated by the Warriors in the second round.

The 2018/2019 season was his last in New Orleans. With his head in Los Angeles, where he almost went in the preseason, Davis played in just 56 games. Still, he scored his third-best average for the franchise (25 PPJ).

Anthony Davis at the Los Angeles Lakers

Starring in a trade that sent Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball — as well as a slew of draft, picks — to New Orleans, Anthony Davis finally made it to the Lakers in 2019.

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Anthony Davis at the Los Angeles Lakers

His adaptation was quick, accelerated by the personal reception of LeBron James in the pre-season, with the right to dinners at the King’s house and the “right” to the number 23 shirt he wore at the Pelicans. AD got the food; the 23 left to its rightful owner.

Davis’ fit in the Los Angeles team surprised a total of zero people. Taking advantage of LeBron’s “point guard” phase, the center took over the paint and became a solid option for basically any type of offensive play.

Low post, high post, aerial bridge, transition, pick’n’roll, dead zone, whatever: it was the ball in the Monocelha that he killed. In that footprint, he averaged 26 points in the 2019/2020 regular season. In the “bubble” playoffs, he increased production to 29 per game.

His versatility, his volume of play, and his decision-making power were essential for the Lakers’ return to NBA finals, which had not happened since 2010.

With brilliant performances, Anthony Davis helped LeBron James lead the Lakers to their 17th NBA title, equaling the Boston Celtics’ record.

Anthony Davis Times

New Orleans Pelicans (2012-2019)

Los Angeles Lakers (since 2019)

Anthony Davis titles

NCAA (2012)

Olympic Games (2012)

FIBA World Cup (2014)

NBA (2020)

Anthony Davis Awards

MVP NBA All-Star Game (2017)

NBA All-Star (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

All-NBA / 1st Team (2015, 2017, 2018, 2020

All-Defensive / 1st Team (2018, 2020)

All-Defensive / 2nd  Team (2015, 2017)

NBA All-Rookie/ 1st Team (2013)

Anthony Davis stats and numbers

Minutes per game: 34.4

Use of field shots: 50.3%

3-point shooting performance: 33%

Take advantage of free throws:  84.6%

Points per game:  26.1

Rebounds per game: 9.3

Assists:  3.2

Blocks per game: 2.3

Steals per game:  1.5

Anthony Davis Records

NBA Blocks Leader (2014, 2015, 2018)

Biggest All-Star in All-Star Game History (2017)

First New Orleans Pelicans player to score 28+ points in six straight games (2013)

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