October 2, 2022
Ancient mass-produced brewery discovered in Egypt

The beer is undoubtedly a national preferred drink. Most people love to taste that beer. Whether at the bar, at home, with friends or whatever the way is. Anyway, beer is extremely popular and its conscious consumption can be very beneficial for health.

Of all forms of alcohol, beer is the most long-lasting and popular. Its first manufacture was thousands of years ago. since ancient civilizations, it has stood the test of time and is consumed by thousands of people worldwide.

One of the proofs that this drink is very old was discovering this brewery and high production. It was considered the oldest in the world. According to the Egyptian tourism ministry, the brewery was discovered by a team of archaeologists at the funeral site in Abydos, in southern Egypt.

“The joint Egyptian-American archaeological mission. led by Matthew Adams of New York University and Deborah Vischak of Princeton University, working in North Abydos, Sohag, discovered what is believed to be the oldest high-production brewery in the world, “the ministry said in a statement.


Ancient mass-produced brewery discovered in Egypt

According to Mostafa Waziry, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, the brewery probably belonged to King Narmer’s era. This king ruled over five thousand years ago and founded the First Dynasty and unified Upper and Lower Egypt.

British archeologists discovered this brewery in the early 20th century. However, its location had never been precisely determined. And the joint Egyptian-American team was able to “reposition itself and discover its content,” said the agency.

According Waziry, the brewery was composed of eight large areas that were used for preparation units beer . Each of these areas had approximately 40 ceramic pots, arranged in two rows.

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And a mixture of grains and water, used for beer production, was heated in the vats and each basin stayed in place due to the clay levers placed vertically.


Ancient mass-produced brewery discovered in Egypt

Adams lead this joint archaeological mission. And he said that studies show that beer was produced on a large scale. Approximately 22,400 liters are produced each time.

“The brewery may have been built in this location specifically to supply the royal rituals that took place inside the funeral facilities of the kings of Egypt. Evidence for the use of beer in sacrificial rites was found during excavations at these facilities, ”said the statement.

Finding evidence of manufacturing in ancient Egypt is not a new thing. So much so that it was the previous discoveries that shed light on this production. In 2015, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced that the Egyptians’ fragments to make beer dated 5,000 years ago had been discovered in Tel Aviv .

In 2000, a team of American archaeologists discovered in Abydos that the latest discovery was unearthed, the first known example of an ancient Egyptian solar barge. It dated back to the first Pharaonic dynasty, about five thousand years ago.

In the past few months, Egypt has announced several important discoveries. With this, the country hopes to boost tourism, since the sector has suffered a lot, since 2011, until the current scenario with the pandemic.

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