October 2, 2022
Albin de La Simone and biography 2021

Albin de la simone was Born December 14, 1970 in France, in Amiens, Albin de La Simone is a French songwriter and performer.

Son of a jazz clarinetist, he has been rocking melodies since his childhood. Given his name in La Simone, a river in the Aisne, Albin de La Simone decided very early on to follow the currents of art.

After taking piano lessons in Montigny-sur-l’Hallue, where he spent his childhood, he turned to de ssin before finding himself in writing and composition.

Albin de La Simone Career

With music in his veins, Albin de La Simone very early on discovered a devoted passion for notes. After having learned the basics of the piano and immersed in the arts of drawing, he decided to devote himself entirely to an artistic career.

He then studied in a Belgian art school and, after graduating at the age of 17, arrived in the French capital to register at the Center d’Informations Musicales or CIM.

During his years of studies at the CIM, Albin de La Simone became more and more familiar with the world of music, particularly that of arrangement and orchestra.

Already during this period, he began to make various arrangements in the studio and on stage, in particular with several renowned artists. If we only cite Arthur H, Jean-Louis Aubert , Mathieu Boogaerts , Alain Souchon , Salif Keïta, Alain Chamfort , Raphaël , or even Vanessa Paradis .

He takes part in several tours as an arranger on stage, musician or chorister and also takes part in several studio recordings.

At the heart of these countless behind-the-scenes collaborations, Albin de La Simonedecides in 2000 to compose his own pieces. Inspired, he did not wait long to reveal his inspirations and, a year later, in 2001, he released an eponymous model.

There followed an opus also entitled “ Albin de La Simone ” in 2003, the artist’s first real album.

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Albin de la simone Net worth

albin de la simone net worth is growing rapidly, he made most of his net worth from his profession as a French singer, his net worth in the year 2021 is estimated at around  $5 million dollars. His salary data is not yet available.


Albin de La Simone and biography 2021

Produced by the French label Virgin Music, ” Albin de La Simone ” unveils twelve new tracks, including ” Ils cueillent des donquilles ” and ” Quand j’aurai du temps ” in collaboration with Fred Couderc, ” Patricia ” with Alain Souchon, or even ” Your fireman ” with Matthieu Chedid. The album also unveils a duet with Feist entitled ” She loves “.

Carefully arranged, with French melodies mixed with jazz, the opus did not go unnoticed on the musical stage and, in the same year 2003, Albin de La Simone gave his first show as a singer, during a tour by Mathieu Boogaerts in Japan.

He then took part in several concerts, including the -M- “ En tête à tête ” tour in 2005.

Along with these live performances, Albin de La Simone concocted a second album. This one, called ” I’m going to change», Released in stores on May 3, 2005. A result of several years’ work, the opus deviates from largely melodic inspirations, with a few duets.

Among other things, we discover a cover in French of the title “ Somethin ‘stupid ” by Frank Sinatra, which has become “ Ces mots stupides ”, sung in duet with Jeanne Cherhal. Albin de La Simone’s

third album , ” Bungalow “, will however wait until 2008 to make its official release on the Cinq7 / Wagram label. Even today Along with his solo career, Albin de La Simone

continues to collaborate with many artists. In 2006, he went on tour alongside Arthur H, during which he performed in his own name.

During the same year, he also worked with Jeanne Cherhal by producing the singer’s album titled “ Water ” and also participated in Paul Ouazan’s program “ Die Nacht ” for Arte.

Albin de La Simone also makes an appearance in Louis Chedid’s musical tale ” The Pink Soldier “, where he plays the character of Cousin Puzzle. He also works closely with Vanessa Paradis and accompanies her on her tour. Divinidylle Tour in 2007, as well as during her Festivals tour in 2008.

This collaboration with Vanessa Paradis will not take long to bear concrete fruit either, in particular in 2009, when the two artists decide to take back the title of Albin de La. Simone titled ” Adrienne “, in duet.

The song, accompanied by a clip, will then be found in the double version of the album ” Bungalow ” which will be released on March 2, 2009. A major Parisian tour followed, as well as numerous screen appearances. .

During the year 2009, Albin de La Simone also collaborates with Stéphanie Lapointe, with whom he recorded a duet, as well as with Iggy Pop . He then produced the acoustic version of the songs ” Scarabée ” and ” Marylin & John ” by Vanessa Paradis in the studio.

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Albin de la simone cars and House.

Base on data available online albin de la simone live in a very nice and expensive house and has a ver cool car.

The rest of his program remains a mystery to be discovered.

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