October 2, 2022
Adeline Lovo Biography

Adeline Lovo is originally from Normandy, lives in Metz, but has Malagasy roots. As a child, she quickly fell into music and began to play the piano at the age of 6. The young girl loves to sing and receives many compliments about her crystal-clear voice. On the advice of those close to her, she started her own Facebook channel while in college. Adeline Lovo posts there the covers of songs that she likes. She then opens a channel on Twitter, where she attracts the attention of artists who follow her on the social network.

A cover of “Yeux Disent” by Lomepal

In early 2020, when Adeline Lovo is 20 years old, her career suddenly takes off after six years of musical covers. Indeed, the singer has the good idea to take again the title “Yeux Disent” of Lomepal. The rapper is seduced by this sweet and poetic version of his song and decides to share thirty seconds of the chorus with all his followers. The talent of Adeline Lovo then bursts in the eyes of Lomepal fans, and many others … The young artist then shoots the clip for her cover of “Yeux Disent” in the 13th arrondissement of Paris and in Clichy-sous -Wood. The video is enjoying some success on YouTube, with 144 million views.

Inspired by the world of rap

Adeline Lovo undertakes to continue her momentum with covers of raps. Indeed, the young woman believes that this musical style appeals to many people and can be a great source of inspiration. At the moment, she does not write her own texts. It borrows the words of famous rappers and infuses them with a lot of delicacy. His cover of Columbine’s “PFPC” is almost as well-regarded as “Eyes Say”, with 81 million views on YouTube in no time.

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A first EP of covers 

In August 2020, Adeline Lovo signs her first EP, named “Au Sommet” and produced by the label Believe. It includes five covers: “Le cordon” by Bigflo & Oli, “Elle pleut” by Nekfeu feat Némir, “Soleil Noir” by 47Ter, “The earth I devour” by Georgio and “Pierre, feuille, papier, scissors” by Columbine. Adeline Lovo also unveils two completely new titles: “Au haut” and “Abandonne”. The EP is very well received, especially from the rappers whose lyrics Adeline Lovo took over. 

The interactive clip of the title “Abandonne”

“Abandonne”  is the subject of a very original interactive clip. For this last title, Adeline Lovo surrounded herself with Barbara Pravi for writing, Vincha for composition (Louane, Jérémy Frérot …) and the studio One Vision Productions for the production of the clip. The song chronicles a tumultuous love story, inspired by Adeline Lovo’s own experience. In the end, the viewer is offered two alternative endings: to continue this relationship through thick and thin or to give up and end? The coherence between the words and the images of the clip is very neat, for an effect which is almost reminiscent of an episode of the series “Black Mirror”.

An album in preparation

After the success of her EP, Adeline Lovo announces that she has entered the studio to prepare her first album. This time, no covers: the singer intends to find her own style and compose only original songs. She also wants to work on her own lyrics by starting to write lyrics. Adeline Lovo says she wants to talk about personal subjects, but which affect everyone. Lover of urban pop, she would also like to test other musical styles. The young woman is also anxious to be able to perform in concert as soon as the economic situation allows it.

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Adeline Lovo Net worth

Adeline Lovo Net worth is estimated at around $800,000 as of the year 2022, she make her fortune from her professional carrier as a singer

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