October 5, 2022

All the signs of the zodiac have very different personalities, that’s why we leave you a small guide to know how each sign kisses and what will make them crazy!


They are very spontaneous and passionate people so their kisses will always be very fun. Smiling when they are kissing makes you crazy!


It is the most romantic sign of the zodiac and always seeks to attract attention. Their kisses will be charming and sweet, but very intense.


They are people with a lot of energy, so they look for kisses with a lot of intensity and passion. To conquer an Aries, you must let them take control!


This sign always seeks sensuality so you will enjoy kisses that increase in intensity, start with a light brushing of the lips and then go on to an intense French kiss. With them, you will always awaken desire!


People under this sign are usually very flirtatious, so those kisses will always be sweet. Their biggest draw is fun, and they enjoy lots of creative dating. A surprise kiss will delight you!

Why do we bite when kissing?


Kissing a Cancer for sure will be one of the best experiences of your life since they give the best kisses of the zodiac. The sensual bites conquer them completely.


Creativity is very important in their kisses since they are unique, and they deliver their love 100% with the union of the lips of their partner. Together they can recreate the kiss Spider-Man, and Mary Jane made famous!

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Although his personality is usually a little shy, his kisses will always be with immense and true love. The ‘spikes’ are her favourites.


Considers that the kisses are a detail to pamper your partner, so wait for many kisses spontaneous. They love the delicacy of kisses on the forehead or on the hand.


It is the most passionate sign of the zodiac, so expect to shake your knees when kissing a Scorpio.


Expect a lot of love, love, when it comes to kissing. A Sagittarius is unlikely to settle for just kissing you and will want to fall in love with passionate caresses.


If you have patience with this sign, they will surprise you with the results! They are usually very tender people when it comes to kissing. Start erotic moments with them slowly; they like a delicacy.

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