October 4, 2022
6 best British series to watch on Amazon Prime Video

England has several successful series, proving that the prestige of great productions is not sustained only in Hollywood. These plots may be unique to the region, but often also take place in partnership with other countries in Europe or the United States.

Although not so common on pay television, which usually prioritizes North American productions, British series are often available on streaming platforms. On Amazon Prime Video, for example, you can check out some titles ready to be marathoned.

6. The missing 

Missing series, directed by Harry and Jack Williams, is a mystery that focuses on the life of Tony (James Nesbitt), a man who had his youngest son, Oliver, kidnapped in France during a family party.

While many believe that Oliver is already lifeless, the father refuses to accept this possibility and spends years of his life in search of him, which ends up damaging his marriage to Emily, played by Frances O’Connor. But it is not only Tony who is insisting on this search: Detective Julian, the character of Tcheky Karyo, also does not give up on the case

5. Good Omens

Good Omens is a British and American series, original from Prime Video, which debuted last year with a lot of comedy and fantasy. The plot directed by Neil Gaiman, who has also directed series like Lucifer and American Gods, narrates the story of the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and the demon Crowley (David Tennant). When faced with the end of the world, the duo who is very cartoonish realizes that they are not set to face the end of time and decides to do everything to prevent this, with the aim being to find the antichrist.

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4. Downton Abbey

The British series Downton Abbey, directed by Julian Fellowes, takes place in the early 20th century, telling the story of the Crawley family’s challenge to maintain Downton Abbey’s legacy. It all starts when Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) discovers that a relative who survived the Titanic is a new heir to the family’s fortune.

The plot shows all the customs and traditions of the time from the perspective of the family, as well as conflicts between business and personal relationships.

3. The Grand Tour 

The Grand Tour is yet another original Amazon Prime Video series produced by the British and Americans. In the reality show format, the attraction shows Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May embarking on the automobile world in different episodes, debating issues related to this universe and receiving guests.

2. The Night Manager 

The Night Manager debuted in 2016 telling the story of former British soldier Jonathan Pine, played by Tom Hiddleston, who now pursues a career working as a night auditor at a luxury hotel.

The boy’s life changes when he meets Sophie (Aure Atika), a woman linked to Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie), a criminal is specializing in the illegal arms market who offers Jonathan secret documents. After deciding to hand over what he received to a friend of British intelligence, he finds Sophie dead and decides to take revenge

1. Fleabag

In Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays an adult woman in London who has common problems, whether in relationships or family and who doesn’t quite know how to deal with them. While trying to overcome a loss, the character closes herself off from everyone around her and creates a more intimate relationship with those watching than with them.

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