October 4, 2022

One of the most feared messages in today’s society is: “no Internet connection”. After all, no one is happy when it appears on the computer or cell phone screen.

In a world where 3.9 billion people are connected, the Internet has already consolidated, and it is almost impossible to imagine living without it.

We are so dependent on the Internet that we do not see this relationship. We only realize how much we are driven by technologies when we go into total despair when we run out of the connection.

The Internet, in most companies, plays a fundamental role. It is what drives the business and makes the company grow.

That is why we see real chaos when a department has no connection to the Internet. Since the company needs to be connected to function, the IT department needs to be dedicated to preventing this from happening. If it does, you need to be able to get around the situation quickly.

If in your company you have this type of problem or want to prevent yourself, this text will help you. We will give you tips so that you do not have to get angry or lose money by being disconnected from the Internet.

Are you interested? Then keep reading!

Internet use in companies

For us to understand the dimension of the drama of being disconnected from the Internet within the company, we need to talk a little about what its importance is within the company.

This is because, just as we do not realize how much we depend on it in our personal lives, in companies, it is even more critical.

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It is so natural to use the Internet at work that we often do not give importance to a quality connection and preventive measures so that it works more and more in our favour.

Without an internet connection, the entrepreneur may suffer a loss of sales, customers and, consequently, profit.

Let’s look at some of the main points on which the Internet works favouring companies:

Facilitates various internal functions

Within companies, the Internet facilitates a variety of functions, such as promoting products and services, increasing productivity and expanding customer relationships.

This, of course, requires the company to recognize the potential of the Internet as a tool and be able to use it correctly, efficiently. Managing this system for the sake of competitive advantages is the big secret to business success.

Promotes corporate mobility

What would corporate mobility be?

Well, it’s nothing more than technology, with the help of the Internet, making work more flexible and optimized.

Instead of an office full of computers, today it is possible to access all company information through mobile devices such as cell phones, notebooks, tablets.

In addition, it is to facilitate this exchange of information between company employees that there are more practical ways to access data, such as remote access and file sharing in the cloud.

In this way, simple but time-consuming activities, such as customer registration, information requests, product or service purchases, can be consulted in a much shorter time.

That’s how you speed up time, making your customer’s problem or need to be solved in an incredibly faster and more satisfying way.

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All this practicality, however, is not possible without an internet connection.

Improves internal communication

The means of communication coming from the Internet, such as e-mail and personalized systems, are very common today. Traditional ones, like paper and telephone, not so much.

This is because they also play an archival role, transforming into documentation any more serious messages, such as a transaction or request, for example.

How to prevent yourself from being disconnected from the Internet

Now that you have a dimension of the real importance of the Internet within companies, you certainly want to do everything possible not to have problems with it, right?

So let’s see what the important measures are for those who do not want to be without an internet connection:

1) Invest in equipment

A simple tip that makes all the difference is to buy good equipment. Mainly a good router, which is what will transmit the signal to the company.

Know that the farther your router is, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will be. Therefore, try to keep it close to the main work areas and, if applicable, invest in more than one device.

Coverage needs to be comprehensive so that some locations do not run out of internet connection.

Also, make sure that your devices are ideal for your purpose. Routers, switches, network interface cards and cabling are elements that have specific versions for each purpose.

In other words, this means that a router for home use may not always satisfy a company’s needs.

2) Avoid interference

The environment can also offer interference that undermines the signal and leaves the place without an internet connection.

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These problems can arise due to signals coming from other routers, satellites, cell phone towers, among others.

Therefore, study the place where you will configure the Internet and make sure it is a strategic point.

It is advisable to always place the router in higher places, for example, and to avoid creating barriers with metal and even concrete objects, which can also become obstacles.

3) Choose the plan with discretion

Often the problems with the connection are not with equipment or signal interference.

It is common for the solution to be to reassess the internet provider or the contracted plan itself.

That is why it is so important to choose the plan according to the size and the needs of the company. There are several options for business internet plans that offer unique advantages, so applying a home plan to your business is not always a good idea.

Also, make sure you know the reputation of the provider if you have excellent service and support and work with quality. This avoids damage to your company’s performance.

4) Invest in monitoring

There are currently online tools, programs and software that can be used to monitor connection performance.

This is a great option for tracking fluctuations and identifying declines in connection quality.

Thus, when you notice a drop in the quality of service, you can contact the provider as soon as possible to communicate and resolve the situation, preventing the company from ending up with no internet connection.

5) Consider an IT consultancy

Hire a company to assess the performance of your IT sector and identify problems and make improvements.

If your company has no internet connection and the reason why this is not being identified, the IT consultancy can assist in this discovery and even suggest very useful changes for your business.

Ways To Avoid No Internet Connection

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