October 2, 2022

4 Non Blondes Net worth and Biography 

Founded in 1989 in the city of San Francisco, 4 Non Blondes was an American rock band formed around guitarist Shaunna Hall and bassist Christa Hillhouse.

 The two musicians, after discovering the same passion for music, have indeed decided to trace their musical career together in rock.

 They were then joined by drummer Wanda Day and singer Linda Perry, to form the group 4 Non Blondes.

The early years

 Roommates in San Francisco, Christa Hillhouse, and Shaunna Hall began to compose their music in their apartment. They then meet drummer Wanda Day and invite him to join them to form a rock trio.

 For a short while, their pieces are performed in this way by three until, during a performance, the three musicians hear the voice of Linda Perry. Conquered, they ask her to become their singer. The latter, passionate, accepts.

 The 4 Non Blondes were thus formed, but the road is still long for the group.

 During its first years of formation, the group died behind the scenes in music, without a recording contract. However, he began to give a few concerts and to circulate some demos, in particular on the local radio waves, but the success was not yet at the rendezvous.

 It was only in 1991, after a remarkable performance at the Gavin Convention where he opened for Primus, a metal group, that he managed to attract attention. A signing followed with Interscope Records.

 Drummer Wanda Day was later replaced by Dawn Richardson due to drug problems. He will not participate in the recording of the first album of the group ” Bigger, better, faster, more!”, Which will be officially released in 1992.

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 ” What’s up “

 Despite some unforeseen events, including the departure of guitarist Shaunna Hall in 1992, who was replaced by Roger Rocha, the first opus of 4 Non Blondes was released in the same year.

 Produced by David Tickle, “ Bigger, better, faster, more! “Unveils eleven new tracks, including” Dear Mr. President “,” No place like home “,” Morphine & chocolate “, or even” What’s up “. The latter, a slightly acoustic rock song, particularly seduces the public.

 Upon its release, the single easily slipped into the international charts. Towards the beginning of 1993, he found himself number one in many countries, notably in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, and even Norway.

 “ What’s up ” also manages to rank among the top Americans, ie 14th place in the Billboard Hot 100. The United Kingdom and Australia are not spared by the hit where it ends up in second place. tops singles.

 The title is also on Blender’s “50 worst songs ever” list, but also in the “100 greatest one-hit wonders” on VH1, in 94th place.

 ” What’s upHas thus become an international hit and will remain a true cult song for a whole generation.


 The crazy success of ” What’s up ” allows 4 Non Blondes to identify with the international music scene and, at the same time, opens new doors.

 The collective participates in the recording of several titles, including the song ” Bless the beasts and children ” for the album ” If I were a carpenter ” a tribute of The Carpenters in 1994, or the title ” Misty mountain hop ” for the Led Zeppelin tribute album ” Encomium ” released in 1995.

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 At the heart of these various collaborations, 4 Non Blondes plans to release a second studio album. The members, however, began to fly away little by little solo and after the departure of singer Linda Perry in 1995, the collective dissolved.

 After working on a recording with Dolorosa in 1995, Roger Rocha joined among others the group Mockingbirds on Guitar, before creating the group Roger Rocha & The Goldenhearts in 2006.

 Linda Perry worked on the production of songs by various artists. renowned, to name only PinkAlicia KeysChristina Aguilera, or Kelly Clarkson.

 For her part, Christa Hillhouse collaborated with Kitty Rose and Carolyn Gage in 2007, before playing with Bob Malone.

 Finally, Shaunna Hall officially joined George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic in 2007. Wanda Day died in the same year.

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