October 1, 2022

Have you seen a web designer that intentionally plan to chase web visitors away from the website?

Absolutely not, but there are some common website mistakes that we designers make that are not helping the site as a whole.

This post is about some of the common mistakes that web designers make on a website.

Check your website if it is having any of these web design issues and correct it right away.

Site With Bad Navigation

Do you know how bad it will be if you travel to a strange place and the map with you is hard to read?

I am sure that you will visit another place if you could because you wouldn’t want to get lost.

This is quite similar to a visitor that lands on a site with bad navigation.

If the visitor has the option of getting what he wants somewhere else, he is going to leave your site.

Part of the job of a web designer is to create a site that will be easy to use and navigate through all its various sections.

Make sure all the categories are located at a clear part of each page.

Put contents under relevant categories and use a search feature on each page.

No/Hidden Contact Page

Why would you create a site without a contact page?

Even if it is a free blog from Blogger or WordPress, you should still include a contact us page.

Visitors usually like to know who the writer is.

You go the extra mile and add a picture of yourself just to give a face and little about me info to the contact.

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It is not so easy to follow the info you find online but with little credibility like contact, about and privacy and policy pages, you can gain the trust of the visitor.

Site With Many Distractions

I don’t know the join some people find in putting many ads, videos, and images on a page.

Some even got the extent of putting the videos in auto play mode.

OMG, this is a very bad user experience.

It is a proven fact that having may ads on the site does not mean that the users will click.

You will be better off placing your ads in targeted part of the page.

Visitors are now wise unlike years back where they just click on anything they see. Now, they can identify Google or any ads that are not useful to them.

Bad Fonts And Colors

For the fact that a font is fine does not mean that it will help the user experience of your site.

Sure, beautiful fonts are good to beautiful some sections of the site; you shouldn’t forget that users want to see what you have written not what you have designed.

Keep that in mind.

And if they can get what they want, they will leave quicker than you say Hi.

Something similar is having many colors on a page. Why?

Two colors are enough to explain whatever it is you want to explain.

Use black for the text, white background and, red or blue for the links. I prefer orange though.

To summarize, make sure that users can easily move through the site due to easy navigation.

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Make your contact page available in an open place where visitors will be able to see it without any difficulty.

Avoid putting many ads on a page because it still wouldn’t increase your click-through rate. Look for targeted areas to place the ads.

Clear and neat fonts are all you need to decorate your article and words. Don’t over-complicate the designs.

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