October 7, 2022
10 foods that can kill your dog

The dog is man’s best friend. They can keep their owner’s company, help them walk if they are blind, serve as a therapy method for any illness. Likewise, also brighten up the environment in which they are.

This friendship has lasted for centuries, and for this reason, the animal is considered man’s best friend. In addition to keeping company for their owners, dogs can save lives. People even realize that their dogs are concerned with their owners’ well-being and that they would try to save them if necessary.

And just as our pet wants our well-being, we want his. Sometimes we can think that we are flattering, making a treat by giving certain foods to our animals. But in fact, this habit can be very dangerous because there are bad foods for dogs and can even kill you. We show you some of these foods to avoid giving your dog.

1 – Caffeine

Caffeine, with its exciting content, ends up stimulating the dog’s nervous system. This causes vomiting and tachycardia in the animal. So don’t even think about offering a cappuccino froth, for example, to a dog.

2 – Macadamia

These nuts end up causing a toxic reaction when dogs eat it. The animal develops an inability to walk and even manages to keep its legs straight. If the animal eats macadamia soon afterward, it is possible to see tremors, depression, and hypothermia in the dog.

3 – Grapes


Grapes can be good for humans. But in the case of dogs, it is quite different. Grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs. And in some cases, after the animal eats this fruit, it can vomit, have diarrhea and be in a lethargy state.


4 – Garlic

10 foods that can kill your dog

Garlic is not always good, especially for dogs. Garlic, for example, has toxic components that act at the level of red blood cells. And the symptoms of eating this food appear a few days later in the dogs.

After eating garlic, the dog stands still and is reluctant to move. In addition, his urine goes dark. You need to be careful and keep an eye out because, in some cases, you need to have a blood transfusion.

5 – Apple core

10 foods that can kill your dog

Most people already avoid eating the apple core. And for dogs, this core can be much more dangerous. Like other fruits, care must be taken not to let your pet eat the apple core.

Symptoms after eating this kernel include vertigo, hyperventilation convulsion, shock, and, in some cases, even coma.

6 – Onion

10 foods that can kill your dog

The onion can make the animal do more than just cry. Its composition can degenerate the dog’s red blood cells and cause problems with the animal’s kidneys.

And if a dog eats too much onion, he may need a blood transfusion.

7 – Bacon

10 foods that can kill your dog

Sharing your bacon with your dog is a bad idea. That’s because animals can end up developing pancreatitis and have chronic digestion problems. In addition to causing malabsorption of nutrients.

8 – Cheese

10 foods that can kill your dog

Like milk, cheese has sugar and fat among its components that dogs cannot synthesize with their enzymes. The symptoms that animals show after eating cheese and similar products are, in general, gas, diarrhea, and vomiting.

9 – Bread

10 foods that can kill your dog

The yeast that is used to make the bread has to stay away from the dogs. The dog can even eat the bread, but raw yeast if eaten by the animal, can ferment in the stomach and become toxic. This creates a large number of gases. Thus, the animal may have severe pain in the intestinal and abdominal tract, in addition to lethargy.

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10 – Chocolate

10 foods that can kill your dog

This food practically everyone knows that dogs cannot be given. Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine, which fall into the category of stimulants. If dogs ingest it they may experience vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pain, severe agitation, muscle tremors, irregular heart rhythm, elevated body temperature, seizures, and even death.

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